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Elseworlds: New Promo Trailer Teases Interdimensional Craziness

Things are about to get extra-weird in the Arrowverse.

The CW has released a promo trailer for its upcoming three-night Elseworlds crossover event, and despite its short length, there's a lot to unpack. The trailer appeared yesterday on the CW's YouTube channel.

The spot opens by confirming what teaser posters for the event already had us strongly suspecting: that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) have indeed switched places ("Everyone on Earth thinks we're each other!" Queen says in a voiceover). Also, it confirms that Gustin looks good in just about any superhero outfit you put him in, while Amell makes for a very odd-looking, stubbly Flash.

We then get a first look at the character responsible for the reality-bending goings-on: Arkham Asylum Doctor John Deegan (Jeremy Davies, Lost), who appears to have our heroes right where he wants them. ("You did this to us, you can undo it," Queen says, to which the not-so-good doctor replies, "Why would I want to?") Deegan is also seen in the company of the event's Big Bad, the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett, Designated Survivor) who offers the doctor "godhood," and implores him to "show them what a real god can do."

In addition, we get a tantalizing look at Ruby Rose's Batwoman standing atop a tall building overlooking Gotham (as Bat-people are prone to doing) and a couple brief shots of Tyler Hoechlin's Superman in action — one of which, at the trailer's climax, is sure to prompt wild speculation from fans. As Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), the role-reversed Flash and Arrow, and alternate universe Flash Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) prepare to square off against a threat, a quick cut reveals the nature of that threat — Superman, decked out in his all-black costume. As comic fans know, this is unlikely to be a simple fashion statement. The black suit is usually associated with versions of Superman who are, shall we say, slightly more morally flexible than the Boy Scout we all know and love — and it's safe to say that if our heroes cross paths with a version of Supes intent on doing them harm, they have their work cut out for them.

Elseworlds obviously constitutes the Arrowverse's most ambitious crossover event yet, and if this trailer is any indication, viewers will not be disappointed. Previous crossovers have seen our heroes facing off against the immortal Vandal Savage, the alien race known as the Dominators, and Nazis from an alternate universe — but the latest meeting of the CW's heroes looks to be taking the reality-warping, interdimensional weirdness to extremes we haven't seen before. It'll also be setting up the impending Batwoman series starring Rose, and it's been speculated that the event could be serving as something of a dry run for Hoechlin's Superman to potentially step up to the plate with his own series, as well.

All of which is to say that if you're an Arrowverse devotee, you don't want to miss Elseworlds. The event gets into gear with an episode of The Flash airing on December 9, followed by Arrow on December 10, and concludes with Supergirl on December 11.