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Gold Rush: Who Pays For The Equipment On The Show According To Tony Beets

Mining for gold isn't a line of work just anyone can get into. It takes commitment, knowledge of the craft, and a fair amount of physical fitness to find any tangible success within it. Additionally, it helps to have a good amount of money saved up as well since gathering the proper equipment is key to actually finding anything. While one might think that the folks on the Discovery series "Gold Rush" get some help covering their equipment costs, according to series regular Tony Beets, those expenses come out of his own pocket.

"We're gonna double up this year. For that, we had to spend a couple million bucks on equipment," Beets shared in a clip posted on the official "Gold Rush" Twitter page in 2021, clarifying that he dropped around $7 million total. No matter how you look at it, that's a ton of money to spend on anything. However, Beets explains that he and the team wouldn't have elected to drop such a massive amount of cash had they not felt it absolutely necessary. Besides, they had the financial means to do so, and they're hopeful investments like these will pay off in due time.

As a miner and also a businessman, Beets is as money-conscious as they come. After all, the promise of big bucks is what brought him to mining in the first place.

Since the start of his Gold Rush career, Beets has had money on his mind

Tossing millions of dollars toward any profession might seem like a tall order to most, but for Tony Beets, it's not a very big deal. His team is more than equipped to handle such a financial hit, and he's not one to be reckless with his money. He has had money on his mind since the very beginning of his career. During a conversation with Entrepreneur, he explained that the whole reason he took up gold mining and eventually found himself as one of the stars of "Gold Rush" came down to the money he was told he could make by doing so.

"I came from the Netherlands, of course. I hung around Alberta and [British Columbia] for a bit, then I went to the Yukon for the money. They said you can make a thousand bucks a week, so I thought, 'If they get that, I'll get a little more.' And that's what happened," Beets shared, giving readers some insight into his belief system as a businessman. At the same time, while the financial gain is a big plus in his mind, he added that he loves the work itself and has yet to tire of the thrill of seeking out hidden treasure.

Seeing as he's dropped millions on equipment alone, it's fair to say that Beets has done well for himself in the mining game so far.