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One Ahsoka Actor Refused To Watch Star Wars Rebels After Filming Began

In many ways, "Ahsoka" isn't just the latest chapter in the overall "Star Wars" franchise, but also the direct continuation of "Star Wars Rebels" that fans have been waiting for since the animated series took its bow in 2018. With numerous characters and plotlines carrying over, it's no stretch to say that watching "Star Wars Rebels" is fairly necessary to get the full scoop on why things are the way they are in "Ahsoka." However, that didn't stop one particular actor on the new live-action series from opting not to watch the older show while filming.

In an interview with Empire, Sabine actor Natasha Liu Bordizzo revealed that she chose not to rewatch "Star Wars Rebels" after filming on "Ahsoka" commenced. "I wanted to separate that whole kind of expectation," she explained. "I think it's just healthy, because you're finding a different truth in live-action."

Of course, it's important to clarify that Bordizzo did watch "Star Wars Rebels" to prepare prior to filming, and only stopped when shooting began so as not to unintentionally mimic the performance of Sabine's original voice actor. "I loved Tiya Sircar's Sabine," the actor said in an interview with SFX Magazine. "I loved the energy, the sarcasm, and playfulness that really made Sabine Sabine, but obviously, it's a delicate balance because I never want to try to copy someone. And I want to be inspired by the energy they put into the character and then make the role my own."

Other Ahsoka actors did varying levels of Rebels research

Natasha Liu Bordizzo isn't the only "Ahsoka" star who had to make a decision regarding how much of "Star Wars Rebels" they would watch to prepare for their role. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Hera in "Ahsoka," revealed in the same Empire interview that she consulted series creator Dave Filoni on the necessary "Star Wars Rebels" reference material to understand her character's history. "Dave gave me a list of episodes and specific scenes," she said. "There was a lot of looking at episodes that focused on how much she loves to fly, and the way that turned on her spirit and her energy."

Then there's the case of Lars Mikkelsen, who notably reprises his role as the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn in "Ahsoka" after having voiced the character in "Star Wars Rebels." While the actor is in the unique position of having worked on both series, he revealed in an appearance on Entertainment Weekly's Dagobah Dispatch podcast that he also decided against rewatching any of the animated series in preparation for his new performance. "We needed to do something else, so I wanted to detach myself from that to create something new," he said.