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My 600-Lb Life: What Happened To Lee Sutton?

At the start of "My 600-lb Life" Season 6, audiences are introduced to Lee Sutton who weighs 714 pounds and is entirely reliant on his girlfriend, Rena Kiser, who also struggles with her health at 549 pounds. Sutton can barely walk and depends on Kiser to get up and hold his portable urinal every time he needs to use the bathroom.

Upon becoming a patient of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, Sutton's wellness journey is rocky. Despite undergoing weight loss surgery, he fails to shed the needed pounds. In fact, in the couple's Season 5 "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" follow-up episode, he gains almost 100 pounds while dealing with the stress of his father's cancer diagnosis. By the end of the show, he's living in Houston, working to get back on track, and is down to 389 pounds.

In the years since Sutton's last "My 600-lb Life" appearance, it's unknown exactly how he's faring in his wellness journey. Yet according to his Facebook bio, he seems to at least be on the right track. It reads, "A man overcoming a life of addiction, here's to living almost a normal life. God bless." Additionally, the page states that he's back living in Houston, Missouri, which could mean he underwent skin removal surgery and no longer needs Dr. Now's services.

Lee Sutton allegedly cheated on Rena Kiser

Over the course of their "My 600-lb Life" journey, it's evident that Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser's bond isn't the healthiest. Still, at the end of "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?," Sutton hopes he can turn things around. In fact, Sutton told Newsweek in January 2018 that marriage was in their future.

However, in late May 2019, one month before the update episode aired, Kiser posted on Facebook, "Wow once a cheater always a cheater, guess one day I will learn, good riddance to excess baggage!! Maybe I can finally be me now." Her now-deleted post was followed several days later with a relationship status change by Sutton, who shared a photo of himself looking cozy with another woman. 

A number of Sutton's fellow "My 600-lb Life" patients came to Kiser's defense, including Season 5's Erica Wall, who said, "You were with BEAUTIFUL Rena Kiser for a very long time and went through a lot of s*** together... How could you act like this and behave in such a way towards her? This is not right and you know it. Shame....Shame....Shame...." 

Both Sutton and Kiser, according to their Facebook pages, are in relationships, but neither reveal the profile of their respective significant other.