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Who Plays Tiny Troy In The New Head & Shoulders Commercial?

The latest Head & Shoulders commercial features a football superstar playing a "tiny" version of himself.

Suffering from dry scalp, flakes, and itchiness? For years, Americans have gravitated towards the magic of Head & Shoulders, a shampoo that helps eliminate dandruff. Arguably the most well-marketed and pronounced haircare product for those dealing with dandruff, Head & Shoulders is a staple in the American household. While the product is definitely found in most domestic superstores, Head & Shoulders boasts worldwide dominance, emerging as one of Procter & Gamble's most favored exports. Head anywhere in the world, and chances are that a local store boasts the sought-after brand. What's led to this dominance? On the market for over 60 years, Head & Shoulders is a product that continues to become popular, thanks in part to its manufacturer's strategic marketing.

The brand has successfully covered almost every market and demographic that deals with dandruff by having the product directly speak to buyers via celebrity endorsement. "Head & Shoulders" boasts a true motley crew of celebrity ambassadors who have helped preach its power, honing in on local talent and clout to make marketing as effective as possible. In India, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh promotes the anti-dandruff shampoo. Indonesian dandruff heads, meanwhile, can listen to revered martial artist Joe Taslim preach the product's effectiveness in a viral advertisement

Leveraging a local market's talent is key in communicating the product and Head & Shoulders understands this better than anyone else. In the United States, they're running a brand new ad featuring a small man, named "Tiny Troy," hanging out in an unsuspecting woman's scalp, where dandruff typically is. Who Plays "Tiny Troy" in the Head and Shoulders ad? None other than football superstar Troy Polamalu — but he's not the only sportsman in the shampoo ad. 

Tiny Troy is football legend Troy Polamalu

While Head & Shoulders has a number of advertisements in the mix, one of the most interesting ones they've released, at least stateside, features the inner happenings of a beauty salon. There, a woman, who is having her hair washed, is asked by an attendant if she uses Head & Shoulders. "Only when I see flakes, then I switch back to my regular shampoo," she candidly admits, much to the disappointment of her attendant. "You should use it every wash," she's told, "Otherwise the flakes will come back." That's a tough warning. 

Then, a strange voice in the woman's hair pipes up. The attendant then asks if the voice is "Tiny Troy." It turns out that the football superstar and Head & Shoulders ambassador Troy Polamalu is vibing in the woman's hair. After discussing the wonders of the shampoo, we then cut to a lifesize, not "tiny" version of Polamalu sitting in the salon, reading a magazine. It's a short but effective ad, one that conveniently shows off the premise of Head & Shoulders, while leveraging the charisma and star power of Polamalu, who made waves when he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This isn't the only time audiences and prospective "Head & Shoulders" buyers have seen the "Tiny Troy" actor. Polamalu, known for his distinctive and wavy hair, has been promoting the anti-dandruff shampoo for years stateside, appearing as one of the brand's most vocal spokespeople. Head to the Head & Shoulders YouTube channel and you'll find multiple instances of the footballer speaking about the shampoo's power and general effectiveness. Of course, Polamalu isn't the only football who preaches the abilities of Heads & Shoulders, as the "Tiny Troy" shampoo ad features another sports legend. 

Patrick Mahomes is also in the Tiny Troy commercial

Okay, so if Troy Polamalu is "Tiny Troy," the man who resides in the woman's hair as the resident vibe and dandruff-checker, then who is the attendant washing her hair? That's Patrick Mahomes, arguably one of the most notable football superstars in recent memory. In the ad, Mahomes can be seen inquisitively listening to "Tiny Troy," who knows a thing or two about dandruff and the perils of an itchy scalp. But Mahomes does a lot more than wash people's hair. 

Right now, Mahomes is the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and he's doing a pretty great job with the gig. Widely considered to be one of the most established and prolific stars on the field, Mahomes is continuing to diversify, appearing as one of Head & Shoulder's ambassadors. Just like Polamalu, Mahomes has appeared in a number of advertisements for the company, making him one of the most recognizable assets for the shampoo manufacturer. 

And, occasionally, the "Tiny Troy" actor and Mahomes join forces together with marketing glory. Just take a look at this advertisement of the two players discussing the best benefit that Head & Shoulders has. Mahomes, however, isn't a one-trick pony, as he's lent his talents and star power to a variety of other companies, including T-Mobile. Just recently, the footballer shared a brand new advertisement on Twitter of him emphasizing the quality and flexibility that T-Mobile gives its users. But Mahomes' dominance in the world of advertising doesn't end there, as the footballer has lent his talents to iconic brands like SubwayState Farm, and more over the last few years. 

If you're a fan of Polamalu or Mahomes, chances are that you're at least a little pleased by the hilarious "Tiny Troy" ad from Heads & Shoulders.