One Piece: Does Netflix's Live-Action Series Set Up A Season 2?

With the downfall of "The Witcher" and the end of "Stranger Things" on the horizon, Netflix has been searching for a staple show to lead the streaming service into the future, and it may have struck gold with "One Piece." The studio has yet to confirm if the live-action adaptation will get a Season 2, but Season 1 features plenty of setup for future episodes, teasing what's on the horizon for the Straw Hat Pirates.

The most obvious setup comes at the end of Season 1, as a mysterious figure looks over Luffy's (Iñaki Godoy) wanted poster, using a cigar to burn a hole through his picture. Longtime fans of the series will instantly recognize Smoker, a Marine captain who plays a significant role in the Loguetown and Arabasta story arcs. If "One Piece" gets a Season 2, Smoker will offer Luffy a massive challenge, adding another unique Devil Fruit user to "One Piece" as the Marine hunts down the captain of the Straw Hats.

While Smoker is undoubtedly the biggest tease, there are other plotlines that "One Piece" could resurface for Season 2. In the finale, Buggy (Jeff Ward) and Alvida (Ilia Isorelýs Paulino) seemingly team up to claim Luffy's bounty, so their return seems likely. We also see Vice Admiral Garp (Vincent Regan) officially take Koby (Morgan Davies) and Helmeppo (Aidan Scott) under his wing, priming them for an exciting reunion with the Straw Hats later down the line. However, there's also Mr. 7 (Ben Kgosimore), the Baroque Works representative whom Zoro (Mackenyu) kills in Episode 1. Without diving too deep into spoilers, the organization will likely be the focus of Season 2.

One Piece creators share their thoughts on its future

From the many setups included in "One Piece" Season 1, it's clear that the creators of the Netflix series hope to continue telling Eiichiro Oda's massive story, which will take more than a few seasons to cover. In an interview with The Streamr, "One Piece" director Marc Jobst expressed his desire to return to the Grand Line with the Straw Hats, saying, "I love this show. I love the actors. ... we worked together to kind of build trust, and there's no way I'd like to let that go."

Similarly, "One Piece" composers Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli confirmed that they have already laid the groundwork for what's to come if Netflix continues the show. The duo revealed that, if you listen closely, Episode 1, "Romance Dawn," and Episode 8, "Worst in the East," feature themes that may hint toward the show's future.

"We do have a theme for Baroque Works, which is that secret organisation that we're going to explore hopefully in further seasons," Belousova teased, saying fans can hear it when Zoro encounters Mr. 7 in Episode 1. The duo also hinted at Smoker's theme, which they are excited to work on if Netflix renews "One Piece" for Season 2.