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The Equalizer 3 Has Twitter Blown Away

Denzel Washington is undeniably a Hollywood legend, with a list of awards, accolades, and unforgettable roles longer than most actors ever come close to attaining. In recent years, Washington's most notable silver screen efforts have come in the form of the "Equalizer" franchise, in which he stars as Robert McCall: a former United States Marine and Defense Intelligence Agency officer who goes from a relatively quiet life to one back on the front lines, using his skills to defend the innocent and take out those in power who abuse the unfortunate folks below them.

2014's "The Equalizer" proved an action-packed hit, raking in a decent chunk of change at the box office and leaving the bulk of moviegoers entertained from start to finish. Thus, Washington, Sony Pictures, and director Antoine Fuqua got to work on a sequel, Simply titled "The Equalizer 2." McCall's next outing turned out to be a home run when it premiered in 2018, doing well with general audiences and thriving at the box office. In response to the sustained success of the series, "The Equalizer 3" came to fruition in short order, and at long last, the trilogy-ender has made it to the big screen.

"The Equalizer 3" has kicked off its theatrical run, and so far, fans on Twitter seem to love it.

The Equalizer 3 is a hit among fans for more reasons than one

As soon as their screenings of "The Equalizer 3" wrapped up, numerous Twitter users hopped on the social media giant to express just how blown away they were by the highly-anticipated threequel.

"The Equalizer 3 is one of the best movies I've watched this year," wrote user @KhwanittoAmir, with @Bandget91 praising the feature and pointing out that Denzel Washington fits the role of Robert McCall incredibly well. Also highlighting the actor's star power, @J_laurels brought out one of their tweets from 2020 after seeing the film, reiterating that there's still no such thing as an average Washington movie. As for @Alia_Dara, upon viewing the third one, they're hopeful that at least two more "Equalizer" movies are on the way.

When it comes to action, according to @ThiggyMan, it doesn't disappoint — and it has a high kill count to prove it. Focusing more on the setting, @starshine_3 commented, "Just got out of #Equalizer3 8/10 I really like this series. And I gotta say, I've enjoyed going to Italy so much this year via the cinema." @LaDeric also voiced their appreciation for the film's Italy setting, and admittedly, @DanGrima92 found the film to be the weakest of the three "Equalizer" installments. Despite its comparative flaws, though, it's more than a worthwhile watch in their eyes.

"The Equalizer 3" is now playing exclusively in theaters.