Star Wars: Andor Season 2 May Bring Back A Key Rogue One Character

The first season of "Andor" provides a glimpse into how Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) goes from a common thief to a key figure in the Rebel Alliance. But his journey isn't over yet. He still has a long way to go until he reaches the events depicted in "Rogue One," and Season 2 of "Andor" should lead right up to the film after a major time jump

It's also safe to say Season 2 will fill in some of the gaps left in Andor's story before he sacrifices himself in the name of the Rebellion. One such inclusion seemingly involves more screen time for Ruescott Melshi (Duncan Pow). Melshi was a sergeant in the Rebel Alliance in "Rogue One," and he was featured in "Andor" Season 1 as part of the Narkina 5 storyline. Based on the actor's online resume, he's due to return to a galaxy far, far away for "Andor" Season 2, which is currently set to debut later in 2024 (but that could change between now and then).

Melshi has become a pivotal figure in the Rebellion

Melshi was last seen in the "Andor" episode, "Daughter of Ferrix." After he and Andor make it off Narkina 5, they come to a crossroads. Andor learns that his mother has died, and as such, he wants to return home to say goodbye. Melshi suggests they go their separate ways to better their chances of survival. It won't be the last time the two work together, and it's all thanks to serendipity that Melshi has as much of a role in the "Star Wars" universe as he does.

When the first season of "Andor" came out, Duncan Pow spoke with "The Rogue Ones" podcast about how his character came to be. He explained how he was initially cast as a fighter pilot during the main shoot. However, when reshoots came around and he became friendly with Tony Gilroy (creator of "Andor" who worked on the screenplay for "Rogue One"), he discovered his part was substantially expanded. He elaborated, "I was involved with the original production in various capacities early on, and then I came in for the reshoots, and all of a sudden, after having a conversation with Tony — about Buddhism, funnily enough — I found that the character of Melshi had been written into some of the stuff in 'Rogue One' and that's how it came about initially... I really came on board [in a more significant way] in the reshoots."

No doubt having a more significant film role helped lead him to the Disney+ series. And now, Ruescott Melshi has a mythology all his own across various forms of media.