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Cobra Kai: The Season 6 Theory That Could Drop The Biggest Bomb On Johnny & Carmen

"Cobra Kai" effectively functions as a soap opera with martial arts. From plot twists to characters returning after prolonged absences, it wouldn't be out of the question for a new development to take place for its sixth and final season. Redditor u/Clear_Fisherman3213 even posits, "What if Johnny is NOT the biological father of Carmen's unborn baby?"

An ultrasound photo of the child gives Johnny (William Zabka) the strength he needs to beat up some bad guys in the Season 5 finale, and it's reasonable to assume the baby will be born sometime in Season 6. But it would definitely throw a wrench in things if Johnny somehow figured out Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) slept with another man. The Redditor lays out some evidence, such as Johnny potentially being impotent due to years of alcohol abuse and how Carmen has a questionable dating history regarding Miguel's (Xolo Maridueña) biological father.

They even point out how Johnny and Carmen had to be exceptionally discreet when they were together because they didn't want Miguel to find out right away. If Carmen could be discreet with Miguel, who's to say she couldn't have a side piece without Johnny knowing? Johnny's already been through so much; it might seem unfair to throw an affair at him. But if it does happen, fans know who they'd want as the other man. 

Fans joke about how Terry Silver could be the father

Johnny and Carmen's baby serves as a powerful symbol in "Cobra Kai." At the beginning of the series, Johnny was a down-on-his-luck nobody who felt his best days were behind him. His son, Robby (Tanner Buchanan), wanted nothing to do with him. Having a child with Carmen and officially being part of Miguel's family proves there are indeed second acts in life, and Johnny could still have a bright future in front of him. 

Carmen revealing the child is someone else's would be devastating, but it might not be out of the question for something like "Cobra Kai." Plenty of fans under the initial Reddit post thought the show wouldn't do something like that. Others had fun with the idea, with u/Bronco_Buff writing, "Terry is the father. Or Mike Barnes." But people took the Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) idea and ran with it, with the same Redditor continuing, "[Terry] definitely got it on with Shannon, Carmen, and maybe even Mrs. LaRusso. No one can resist Terry. That look on Carmen's face when she saw the Cobra Kai mailer? It reminded her that she has Terry's baby growing inside her."

Terry being the father is highly unlikely. Honestly, anyone but Johnny being the dad would put a damper on that plotline, but if it turns out to be true, it could give Johnny a chance to consider what he really values in life. He may agree to raise the child anyway, giving him one more obstacle to overcome before "Cobra Kai" ends.