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Star Wars Fans Are Comparing Ahsoka's Armor In Episode 3 To ... Dragon Ball Z?

We already knew that Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) was a powerful hero, but this week's episode might've confirmed she could be over 9,000 thanks to an outfit that stood out for some fans of "Star Wars" and "Dragon Ball Z." During the intense space battle that sees Huyang (David Tennant) out of action for a brief while, Ahsoka leaves the T-6 to face down a squadron of fighters with nothing but her lightsabers and a space suit to keep her protected. It was the suit in question, however, that caught the eye of some viewers, who were quick to compare it with the same get-up worn by a legendary Saiyan Prince from the beloved anime series.

With its blue and white detailing and trailing elements at the waist, it is easy to make the comparison between Ahsoka's space suit and the one that "Dragon Ball Z" favorite character Vegeta rocks when he first arrives on Earth to cause trouble for Goku during "The Vegeta Saga." @deegeeriv tweeted what some were already thinking, saying, "Were Clone War-era spacesuits always so influenced by Saiyan battle armor?" 

@djohn90 also noticed, tweeting, "Ahsoka looking like original edition Vegeta." 

And @rowe_deaf posited the question, "Who wore it better?" showing Goku's foe-turned-reluctant-friend in his original Saiyan suit. 

But while it hasn't been confirmed that this was indeed a nod to the anime adapted from Akira Toriyama's manga series, fans have already shared some wild theories about Saiyans and Jedi occupying the same space.

Star Wars links to Dragon Ball Z go beyond wardrobe choices

A fan of Saiyans and Sith on r/FanTheories gave a breakdown of how "Star Wars" could have taken place in the same universe hundreds of years before Goku and his pals were chowing senzu beans and collecting dragon balls. As they see it, the Force could be a power that would trickle down to lower-powered beings (no offense, Vegeta), with Kais (deity-like beings) being the last remnants of Jedi that train the likes of Goku in altered ways of the Force. 

According to the theorist, "Most of their time is spent improving their mastery of the force, which has made incredible leaps and bounds since the days of Darth Vader. What was once feeble force lightning has developed into powerful force beams and blasts. What was once limited levitation is flight, and the increases in strength and speed that Jedi were able to see with the force now allows people in modern times to move at the speed of light." The links don't stop there, either. Foes that Goku has faced often come as a pair ("always two there are"), and green-skinned Namekians that live on a swamp-like planet share similarities with Yoda and Dagobah.

Coincidentally, Akira Toriyama even paid tribute to "Star Wars" in 1999 during the release of "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" with his own take on Anakin Skywalker. He also made his parody of the franchise in 1978 called "Mysterious Rain Jack." Could things be about to come full circle? Who knows? But if Ahsoka drops a Spirit Bomb by the end of this season, we may just lose it.