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American Pickers: What Deal Led To Rick Nielsen's Surrender To A Frank Fritz Offer?

Like its History counterpart "Pawn Stars," "American Pickers" features some famous faces on the reality series from time to time.

As for former "American Pickers" star Frank Fritz, one of the show co-host's biggest celebrity encounters came during the ninth episode of Season 8 in 2013. In the episode, titled "Cheap Pick," Fritz not only got to hang out with guitarist Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, but he also managed to pick a few of the legendary rocker's personal items.

Making a stop at Rick's Picks — an exhibit of Nielsen's Cheap Trick and other music items in Rockford, Illinois — Fritz and co-host Mike Wolfe not only managed to view the rocker's personal memorabilia, but also managed to meet with famed guitarist and take a tour of his personal warehouse.

Naturally, Fritz couldn't resist offering Nielsen some money for some of his rock artifacts, even though he knew the endeavor wasn't going to be cheap. To begin with, Fritz offered $200 for a set of four KISS solo albums gifted to Neilsen from the group's bassist, Gene Simmons. To seal the deal, Fritz held up a poster of the guitarist and his Cheap Trick bandmates and told Nielsen he'd pay $100 if he would sign it. "'To Frank, my biggest fan,'" Fritz asked for the inscription to read. Nielsen didn't hesitate Fritz's offer and exclaimed, "Hell, yeah!"

Nielsen also gave American Pickers a big gift for the road

Understandably, Frank Fritz was thrilled by the purchase of the KISS solo albums and the personally signed poster by Rick Nielsen. "This is like the best of both worlds for me because I'm a big KISS freak, plus I'm a big Cheap Trick freak," Fritz said during the "American Pickers" episode.

What Fritz didn't realize, however, was that Nielsen was going to send another item with him and Mike Wolfe to the home base of "American Pickers," Antique Archaeology. With the condition that he could play it anytime he visited LeClaire, Iowa, Nielsen gave "American Pickers" one of his guitars for free to display in the shop.

The guitar the rocker gave to Antique Archaeology is distinct to Nielsen, since it has an iconic checkerboard design. Of all the members in Cheap Trick — whose hits include "I Want You to Me," "Dream Police," "The Flame," and "Surrender" — Nielsen's gear has traditionally had the most distinct look. Generally, Nielsen's outfits, guitars, or guitar straps sport the checkerboard look.