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Family Guy's Classic 'Road To Rhode Island' Song Samples From Which Bing Crosby Film?

When asked to consider the most iconic episodes that "Family Guy" has produced, chances are that fans will land on ones that feature Stewie and Brian as headliners. The two Griffin family members have persisted as the show's most prominent and iconic duo. Each season unravels their complicated but heartwarming relationship, showing different sides to the maniacal baby and narcissistic dog.

The two have become a key part of the show's fandom and the creatives behind the series clearly know it, giving Stevie and Brian their own segmented solo adventures. The "Road To..." episodes have become staples for "Family Guy," showing Stewie and Brian embarking on journeys that test their faith, wit, and relationship with one another. To date, eight "Road To..." episodes have been produced, each taking the iconic duo to a unique location, forcing them to problem-solve to get back home.

The marquee set of episodes kicked off with the Season 2 outing titled "Road to Rhode Island." In that sophomore season episode, Stewie and Brian have to find their way back to Rhode Island after missing their flight from Florida. It's a brilliant episode, one that leverages series creator Seth MacFarlane and his team's talents. Each "Road To..." episode features a complicated and involved musical performance, twists, turns, and heartfelt moments between the leads.

Even the most casual fans of "Family Guy" know that music holds significant importance for MacFarlane. The debut "Road to..." episode notably features a song sung by Stewie and Brian which has gone on to become a classic. The titular "Road to Rhode Island" song may seem familiar, especially to fans of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. The tune from the "Family Guy" track is directly lifted from the titular song featured in the 1942 film "Road to Morocco." 

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope's films greatly influenced Family Guy

It shouldn't be surprising that the debut episode of the "Road to..." series takes influence from the "Road to Morocco" title track. After all, the Stewie and Brian-led episodes are directly inspired by Bing Cosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour's "Road to..." comedy films. The cinematic "Road to..." franchise debuted in 1940 with "Road to Singapore." Since then, seven films in the series have graced the silver screen, making "Road to..." one of the most prosperous franchises from the golden age of Hollywood. Like the "Family Guy" episodes, the Crosby, Hope, and Lamour-led franchise is filled to the brim with musical numbers and exotic locations. 

The titular "Road to Rhode Island" song, sung by Stewie and Brian on a train, samples the title track from "Road to Morocco," which hit cinemas in 1942. Since the "Rhode Island" episode debuted in 2000, the title track has become a key part of the "Family Guy" score. 

During a conversation with IGN, MacFarlane candidly discussed how the idea to take cues from Cosby's films was his own. "That was mine. I loved those movies. I've always loved Bob Hope, I loved Bing Crosby," MacFarlane revealed, saying that his "cultural tastes are a bit dated." The series creator (and voice behind Stewie and Brian) then acknowledged that the "Rhode Island" song is "obviously" taking cues from "Road to Morocco." The titular "Road to Morocco" track sees Cosby and Hope's character on a camel in the middle of the African desert, singing (in a rather self-aware manner) that they're on the way to Morocco. 

The last time audiences saw Stewie and Brian on a chaotic, music-filled journey was during Season 14's "Road to India." Here's hoping MacFarlane can introduce the set of episodes again.