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Road To The Multiverse Is The One Family Guy Episode Fans Want First-Time Watchers To See

The numerous 'Road To X' episodes from Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" are a collection of stories that send Stewie and Brian Griffin (both voiced by MacFarlane) on journeys to various locations across the world and beyond. Some highlights from these adventures include "Road to Vegas," which saw Brian and Stewie travel to Sin City for a Celine Dion concert. "Road to The North Pole" witnessed the duo visiting Santa's workshop on a mission to assassinate Santa Clause himself, and the original classic "Road to Rhode Island" that started it all.

Yet, of all the 'Road To X' episodes in "Family Guy" history, none are as famous or acclaimed as Season 8's "Road to the Multiverse" — which remains perhaps the most ambitious episode of the entire series. "Road to the Multiverse" focuses on Brian and Stewie's journey across a myriad of unique, parallel universes. These include one where humans have swapped places with dogs (much to Brian's delight), a universe in which Christianity never existed, and one where the entire world is animated like a classic Disney movie.

"Road to the Multiverse" received critical acclaim upon its release back in 2009 and remains to this day one of the most iconic episodes in all of "Family Guy." Indeed, multiple fans online have even claimed that "Road to the Multiverse" is the one episode first-time viewers absolutely need to watch.

Fans think that Road to the Multiverse is the best episode in the series, and a great choice for new viewers

Fans on Reddit seem to agree that "Road to the Multiverse" is an absolute must-watch for first-time viewers of "Family Guy," with numerous threads discussing how it is the best episode to introduce the series to new audience members. In response to a thread from u/Joesw7770 asking which episodes of "Family Guy" they should start with, three different users named "Road to the Multiverse" as the best episode for a first-time watcher. "Road to the Multiverse" was mentioned again in a similar thread from u/U-shock, and several other users across Reddit have gone so far as to name it the best episode of the entire series.

"Pound for pound, I think Road to the multiverse is the best episode," wrote u/woosen. "It was a great episode alright, definitely milestone of the show," echoed u/jaykhunter. In addition to coming highly recommended by fans of the series itself, it's worth mentioning that "Road to the Multiverse" is also one of the most highly reviewed episodes in the entire series — and currently holds the highest rating of any "Family Guy" episode on IMDB with a 9.1 out of 10. Additionally, the episode also earned director Greg Colton a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, and series creator Seth MacFarlane named it as perhaps the "all-around best episode" in the series during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In any case, the extremely high recommendation from fans (along with the rave reviews and accolades earned by this particular episode) makes it clear that "Road to the Multiverse" is an excellent starting point for any new viewers of "Family Guy."