The Rookie: Who Does Dylan Conrique Play?

While it's no secret Dylan Conrique is well known for her songs, music videos, live performances, and the content she releases on social media platforms, the multi-talented up-and-comer has also been adding several credits to her acting resume since 2014. One of her more notable efforts on the small screen includes making her presence known on the hit ABC series "The Rookie."

Fans that have been enjoying episodes of the police procedural crime drama since it began in 2021 have seen that when it comes to the cast of "The Rookie," many individuals have come and gone over the years, making it somewhat difficult for even the most devoted follower of the Nathan Fillion-led series to keep track of all the suspects that enter the frame. As far as following any leads regarding which character Conrique plays on the show, the evidence will undoubtedly lead anyone investigating the matter to Tamara Collins, who she has played since her debut in Season 3, Episode 2 ("In Justice"). In her first entry, the homeless teen encounters Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neil) after attempting to steal her car. As the show progresses, the two become close friends, and eventually, Tamara moves in with Chen, where the two experience their fair of ups and downs as roommates.

With the talent she brings to the table and the chemistry she has showcased with the rest of the show's stars, many would arguably agree that Conrique is an excellent addition to the series, and after watching her persona develop on "The Rookie," some may be curious to know what she loves most about playing Tamara Collins.

Dylan Conrique is not afraid to gush over her character and the cast

Joining a hit TV show with some prominent names in the cast on a major network in its third season could be daunting for any performer. However, when it comes to Dylan Conrique's efforts on "The Rookie," the actor has managed to fit right in with the ABC series and firmly believes playing Tamara Collins has been a rewarding experience.

And after working with such talented individuals throughout several seasons, Conrique hasn't been shy about getting the word out on what she believes are all the best things about playing her character on the show. "I think because I get to act my age which is great," the actor said during a 2021 interview on The Latest News with Maya. "I also love working with adults on sets, and Melissa and Nathan are like awesome to work with, and they are honestly. I look up to them, and I learn so much from them. So that's what's so much fun. Also, the writing in it is so interesting, and I love playing my character."

For Conrique, working with great material, inspiring co-stars, and a relatable character has made taking on the role of Tamara Collins a worthwhile endeavor that will most likely prepare the actor for whatever challenges her career crosses paths with down the line. Whatever the future holds for the rising star, fans can always relive all her memorable moments on "The Rookie."