Star Wars: What Happened To Sabé, Padme's Decoy, & How Was Darth Vader Involved?

While many fans may not remember her, Sabé (Keira Knightley) was the most important handmaiden to Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman), serving as her decoy and bodyguard during times of crisis. Although she didn't appear in movies outside of "The Phantom Menace," her story continued, primarily through "Star Wars" comic books

After "Episode I" and throughout Padme's career in the Galactic Senate, Sabé continued serving as her handmaiden and bodyguard, completing missions for the former Queen of Naboo, including freeing many enslaved people on Tatooine. After Padme died in "Revenge of the Sith," Sabé began investigating her friend's mysterious death, forming the Amidalans, a group of Naboo citizens determined to hunt down whoever was responsible for Padme's death. Unfortunately, the resistance group was very good at their job, leading them directly to Darth Vader. 

While fighting in the Rebellion, Sabé comes face to face with the Dark Lord of the Sith, who is shocked to see someone who resembles his long-lost wife. He eventually asks her to join his investigation into Padme's death, but as they work together, the Admidalans conclude that the Sith Lord is the one who killed Padme. Afterward, Sabé refocuses her investigation on Darth Vader, fighting against and alongside him in many back-and-forth battles. Sabé even does what few others have before, deducing Vader's true identity as Anakin Skywalker.

Marvel Comics explores Sabé and Vader's relationship

Within the pages of Marvel Comics, Sabé developed into a top-tier "Star Wars" character, with her investigation and combat skills making her portrayal in "The Phantom Menace" seem like a completely different character. With most of her issues showcasing her relationship with Darth Vader, Sabé quickly earns the Sith Lord's respect, and he even tries to bring her over to the Dark Side.

In "Darth Vader" #22, Sabé cuts through Vader's tough exterior, shaking the Sith Lord to his core. "Does nothing fear you, handmaiden?" he asks her, to which she replies, "Why should I be scared of Anakin Skywalker?" Despite Vader insisting Anakin was dead, Sabé puts the pieces together, finding it oddly convenient that the Sith Lord appeared just as Anakin mysteriously died. While Vader could've easily struck her down, he lets her live after Sabé reveals Padme believed there was still good in him until her final moments.

Afterward, Sabé and Vader continued working together, with the two finding mutual interest in taking down sectors of the Crimson Dawn. Sabé even chooses Vader over her former fellow handmaidens, believing Anakin is still in there and she could help bring him back. Eventually, Vader demanded Sabé choose between suffering or power, with the latter option meaning she would give in to the Dark Side. Despite fighting to bring back Anakin, Sabé rejects the hatred Vader wants her to accept, forcing the Sith Lord to toss her into the ocean, ending Sabé's story.