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Where Was The Hallmark Movie All Summer Long Filmed?

Name a more iconic duo than Hallmark movies and picturesque filming locales. From "Pearl in Paradise" to "A Paris Proposal," a sizable portion of the channel's original films are shot on-location in places with downright gorgeous scenery. The 2019 Hallmark flick "All Summer Long" is no different, featuring a heartwarming romance between the seafaring captain Tia (Autumn Reeser) and esteemed chef Jake (Brennan Elliot) set against the backdrop of a cruise through beautiful coastal waters.

Viewers of "All Summer Long" may be curious about where exactly the movie's team filmed in order to get those scenic backdrops. As it happens, the majority of filming took place in the town of Gibsons, which is located in the Sunshine Coast Regional District of British Columbia, Canada. Film and TV buffs may recognize that location as the main setting of the long-running Canadian drama "The Beachcombers," among several other productions from over the years.

The cast loved filming in the waters of the Sunshine Coast

Getting the chance to film "All Summer Long" in Gibsons and on the Sunshine Coast was a particular treat for lead Brennan Elliot, as he has a sentimental attachment to the location based on its connection to "The Beachcombers." "That was a show that my stepdad used to watch, so I grew up watching that show," the actor said in an interview with My Devotional Thoughts. "So the area was kind of nostalgic for me. It was so gorgeous that it was almost too much."

The process of filming was so engaging, in fact, that Elliot faced an on-set health scare while shooting the movie. "Unfortunately, I got so dehydrated one day that I ended up having to go to the hospital to get some IV fluids because I had been on that boat without keeping myself hydrated," he explained. "You know, it doesn't feel hot. I mean, you're sweating profusely, and you don't realize it. You're not drinking any water, and you're in trouble. The sacrifices we make for our art."

Meanwhile, co-star Autumn Reeser was just excited to get a chance to film out on the open sea. "I have never done a movie on a boat," the actor said in an "On Location" video from The Hallmark Channel. "That's one of my favorite things about being an actress: getting to learn to do new things and live different lives. This isn't an experience I would have had in my own life. Nobody in my life has a boat and certainly not a yacht."