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Here's Where You Can Watch Hallmark's Pearl In Paradise

Hallmark movies are usually the cinematic equivalent of a warm cup of tea with extra honey, but every once in a while, one of them takes a bit of a meatier narrative step. Such is the case with 2018's "Pearl in Paradise," which not only chronicles a heartwarming romance between photographer Alex (Jill Wagner) and novelist Colin (Kristoffer Polaha), but also sees the two embarking on an exciting adventure to Fiji in pursuit of a mysterious pearl artifact.

Some readers may find themselves in the mood to watch "Pearl in Paradise," but may not know where to find it. The film sporadically airs on the Hallmark Channel, but that's not really a reliable option for those who would like to view the movie on a specific day or at a particular time. Fortunately, there's also several other avenues by which viewers can stream the flick online, but it might cost a buck or two to do so.

Pearl in Paradise is available through a few platforms

Would-be fans of "Pearl in Paradise" may be happy to hear that the movie is included as part of the line-up for a streaming service — though, it's not any of the major names one might expect. Rather than Netflix or Hulu, the movie is fittingly part of the catalog for Hallmark Movies Now, a service that allows subscribers to stream a massive slate of Hallmark films and shows at their discretion.

For those that would prefer an alternative way to watch "Pearl in Paradise," a digital version of the movie is also available to purchase through several major online entertainment storefronts. The rom-com adventure flick can be bought through Amazon Prime Video, the iTunes store, the Google Play store, YouTube, and Vudu. Each of these platforms offer the movie in high-definition quality for $9.99, or standard-definition for $7.99.

There's one last option for watching "Pearl in Paradise" that might appeal more to physical collectors. The movie has actually received a DVD release in the form of a Hallmark 2-Movie Collection bundle. As part of the set, the movie comes paired with another Hallmark classic: 2020's "Nature of Love." The double-feature DVD is available for purchase through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart.