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The Witcher: MyAnna Buring Bids Farewell To Her Second Character In The Franchise

Season 3 of Netflix's "The Witcher" sees more talent than just Henry Cavill say goodbye to the franchise, although MyAnna Buring, who portrays Tissaia de Vries, is leaving for a different reason — at the end of Season 3, Tissaia tragically ends her own life because she believes it to be the correct price for her perceived mistakes. Buring's goodbye is also unique in that it's technically her second time departing the franchise. Her first came years earlier in CD Projekt's video game adaptations of Andrzej Sapkowski's high fantasy novels.

In the "Blood and Wine" DLC expansion pack for "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," Buring voices Anna Henrietta, the Duchess of Toussaint, who can be either friend or foe to Geralt of Rivia, depending on the player's choices. Either way, she's beloved by her people. She's also one of Dandelion's — Jaskier's (Joey Batey) name in English-language "Witcher" media outside of the Netflix series — many, many lovers.

Much like her opinion of Geralt, the Lady Duchess' fate is in the hands of the player, who can see her story end happily, miserably, or ... prematurely. If it isn't obvious at this point, happy endings are not common in the "Witcher" franchise, and statistically speaking, Buring knows that better than most.

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MyAnna Buring is pulling out all the stops on her farewell tour

While it's true that MyAnna Buring is wrapping up round two with the "Witcher" franchise, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's likely to return for round three. "When I signed on three seasons ago, almost five years ago, I knew that this was coming. I knew that that was the end," she told GamesRadar+ during a 2023 press junket for Season 3 Volume 2 of the Netflix series. "I think the best stories have characters come to an end so that new things can blossom and grow. Tissaia has been a wonderful character to follow, so as tragic as her passing is, I also think it is a huge celebration that we got to get to know her at all."

Buring also took a moment on Instagram to express her categorical gratitude for the entire artistic team, from showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and casting director Sophie Holland to the writers and directors to the various on-set behind-the-scenes departments and post-production teams. Her committed thoroughness suggests that she knows that her time with "The Witcher" is over.

In any case, between starring in an award-winning video game expansion pack and a prestige series, Buring has enjoyed more time with the property than most. That said, she's either taking every last moment to ensure her appreciation is known or she's angling for that long shot of a round three. Who knows? Maybe she'll be first in line for the inevitable unlicensed stage adaptation.