Where To Watch Catfish's Kamie Crawford Next

Regardless of who was hosting, "Catfish" held audiences on the edge of their seats, revealing the shocking truth behind countless online romances nationwide. After Max Joseph left in 2018, Kamie Crawford sat next to Nev Schulman, breathing new life into the show and forming a new dynamic duo. While Crawford never left the show, "Catfish" fans can now see her as the host for Paramount Plus's revival of "Are You the One?"

The reality series thrusts a group of single individuals into a house, with a matchmaking algorithm determining which of them are perfect matches. The contestants must figure out who is their "perfect" match in the house through a series of dates and challenges, using the "Truth Booth" to verify their decisions. The contestants earn a larger portion of the one million dollar prize for each successfully paired couple. The show originally ran on MTV for eight seasons between 2014 and 2019, with Season 9 shifting gears, moving to Paramount+ and taking the series internationally.

Crawford joining the series for Season 9 marks the third host "Are You the One?" has had over its run. Previously, Ryan Devlin and Terrence J watched over the love-searching contestants, but the switch to Crawford signifies the first female host for the reality series.

Catfish prepared Crawford for Are You the One?

Despite switching up reality shows, Kamie Crawford remains focused on love, taking what she learned on "Catfish" and using it on "Are You the One?" Even though the shows deal with different kinds of romance, Crawford credits her experiences alongside Nev Schulman for opening her mind to all aspects of love.

"I think 'Catfish' has helped me see past the facade in everything in life and different points of view," Crawford said in an interview with TV Insider. "Just the compassion standpoint and trying to understand people on a deeper level have been something I've gained and have taken throughout my life. Being empathetic to people's experiences and what has led them to date the way they do and attract the people they attract."

Crawford took everything she learned on "Catfish" and utilized it on "Are You the One?" This allowed her to understand the contestants on a deeper level. In the interview, she mentioned that most of the bonding occurred offscreen after the cameras stopped rolling. She reflected on staying late, talking to and hanging out with the contestants after hours. "I got to know who they are and what would be a good match for this person," Crawford said, praising everyone on "Are You the One?" for being vulnerable.