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Catfish: Is Kamie Really Leaving The Show?

Former Miss Teen USA winner Kamie Crawford has been making a name for herself in reality TV as a host for several notable reality shows, including "Are You the One?" and "Ex on the Beach." While her list of credits continues to grow, the fact that she's lending her talents to other endeavors has sparked curiosity as to whether or not it could mean her departure from the series "Catfish."

After Max Johnson left in 2018, Crawford was one of the guest hosts on the series before becoming the full-time replacement in 2020. Since then, she has appeared in over 60 entries, including some of the best-ranked episodes. However, when word got out that she was also working on the ninth season of the popular relationship competition show, "Are You the One," she was forced to set the record straight on her further involvement with the MTV docuseries. 

"Once I was announced for [Are You the One?], people were wondering if I was doing Catfish still," she revealed in an interview with TV Insider in January 2023. "Of course, 1,000 percent. We were just filming yesterday." Crawford doubled down on that statement in a Tweet she posted in March, writing, "NOOOOO- I'm not leaving Catfish. But if one more person asks me that question that has been clearly answered on the show and by me directly several times, I just might."

Despite adding a few more gigs on her resume, concerned fans should realize that Crawford has not logged out of "Catfish." And those that love the show might be both interested and surprised to learn how much real-life experience she has in the arena of online deceptive activity. 

Catfish co-host Kamie Crawford has been catfished in the past

It's no secret that during her time working on the MTV series, Kamie Crawford has undeniably had a front-row seat throughout several intriguing "Catfish" cases that have had a wide range of people involved, all culminating with unique reactions to the truth. 

But people that have only witnessed the act of digital fraud through the show might be shocked to learn that the co-host of the series has also been on the wrong end of a catfishing scenario in the real world. "So I definitely have been in situations where, in particular, one really long friendship that I had where the person lied to me about everything," Crawford revealed to CheatSheet.com. "From faking an engagement to where they were traveling. Like talking to me as if they were in a different time zone when they really were down the street. It was chaos. It was insanity." She also mentioned how the experience had aided her efforts as co-host of the long-running docuseries. "It happens," Crawford said. "And we see it all the time when we love people and care about people. It doesn't just have to be romantic relationships either because that was just a friendship, and it happened to me and can happen to anybody."

Based on Crawford's account, it's pretty clear that Catfishing dilemmas can happen to just about anyone in any kind of relationship. And if people want to learn more, they should keep watching "Catfish."