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Naked And Afraid: Who Narrates The Show & Its Spin-Offs?

Over the years, many contestants have appeared on the reality series "Naked and Afraid" in front of the camera wearing nothing but their birthday suits. For over 160 episodes, however, just one man has diligently served as the series' narrator, and that talented individual's vocal efforts aren't just limited to one series. The same person also narrates "Naked and Afraid: XL," "Naked and Afraid: Foreign Exchange," "Naked and Afraid: Castaways," "Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing," "Naked and Afraid: Solo," and "Naked and Afraid: Alone." That person is voiceover artist Michael Brown, who has been involved with the revealing franchise since 2013 and has lent his skills to over 300 episodes.

Even though Brown has never appeared on screen and viewers still don't know if he could make it through a stay in the woods without clothes, it's probably safe to assume that the sound of Brown's voice setting the mood is as important to many viewers as watching nude survivalists endure the difficulties of the wilderness. But while his efforts on the Discovery Channel show are among his biggest claims to fame, fans may be surprised to find out where else they could have heard Brown in action.

Michael Brown's resume includes Rugged Justice, The Walking Dead promos, and more

If you're a "Naked and Afraid" fan, you might think the franchise is the only place you've heard Michael Brown's voice in action. But Brown actually has over 40 years of experience doing voiceover narration. Another title from the genre of unscripted entertainment that features the sounds of Brown is the Animal Planet series "Rugged Justice."

While it may seem as if Brown's vocal skill set has only been utilized for the realm of TV, the marketing world has also taken advantage of the voice actor's gifts. His signature delivery can be heard in a number of commercials and promos for "The Walking Dead," Comet TV, and more. In addition, if people really enjoy the sound of Brown's voice, he has also done a few audiobooks, including "The Harbinger," and "The Mystery of the Shemitah," both written by author Jonathan Cahn. Brown also worked on the DVD documentary "The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked."

It seems pretty evident that the self-described veteran voice man has accomplished a lot throughout his career, and it will be fascinating to see what he embarks on next. But one thing that remains certain is that fans can always count on hearing Brown speak in many episodes of "Naked and Afraid."