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The Only Star Trek Movie To Win An Oscar (So Far)

Genre movies tend to get a raw deal whenever the award season begins. Sure, the occasional "Get Out" or "The Dark Knight" has managed to break through the not-so-invisible glass ceiling on occasion, but for every major award rarities like them manage to acquire, a whole host of amazing horror, superhero, and science fiction films remain largely unrecognized by the biggest award ceremonies like the Academy Awards. 

That's not to say that sci-fi movies are completely incapable of gaining Oscar recognition, though. In fact, even the "Star Trek" movie franchise, which — let's face it — tends to vary in quality rather heavily, has an Academy Award to its name. The movie that brought home the prize is none other than J. J. Abrams' 2009 "Star Trek." In 2010, it won an Academy Award for exactly what you'd expect for a movie that managed to turn Zachary Quinto into Spock and Eric Bana into the villainous Nero — the Oscar for best makeup. 

The Star Trek movies have been nominated for Academy Awards many times

Don't think for a second that "Star Trek" movies haven't received their share of accolades over the years, though. While it's true that the film series has just one Oscar on its proverbial mantelpiece, you might be surprised to find out just how much love "Star Trek" has received at the Academy Awards over the years. In fact, the movie series received its very first Oscar nominations in 1980, when "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" got nomination nods for art direction, original score, and visual effects. 

Over the decades, no less than 7 "Star Trek" movies have received Oscar nominations, to the tune of 15 total nominations to go with the 2010 makeup win. "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" and the 2009 movie share the distinction of receiving an impressive four nominations each ... though, of course, the fact that only the latter movie actually won one of the categories gives it an edge on this front.

Unfortunately, not every "Star Trek" movie has been successful enough to attract the Academy. The franchise has its share of Golden Raspberry nominations, too — though not as many as you might think. Apart from William Shatner's Razzie nomination for "Star Trek: Generations," the franchise's representation in this anti-award ceremony lies solely on the shoulders of "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier." In 1990, the film picked up an impressive six Razzie nominations and managed to "win" the worst picture, worst director, and worst actor awards.