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The Challenge: How Many Times Has Jonna Mannion Won & What Is She Doing Now?

As competitive reality shows go, MTV's "The Challenge" has grown to be one of the biggest, especially in terms of sheer output. The show's pool of contestants largely comes from other MTV reality series, with the occasional newcomer thrown in for good measure. What's more, "The Challenge" often brings successful former competitors back. As a result, the long-running show and the various spin-offs flying under "The Challenge" banner have featured a stacked cast with many familiar faces, such as former "The Real World" cast member and current WWE superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin.

Due to "The Challenge's" tendency to bring back previous winners as veteran contestants, multiple people have racked up more than one win over the years. One of the more successful "The Challenge" contestants is Jonna Mannion, who has appeared in various "The Challenge" shows a total of 10 times. Mannion's time with the latter competition has been quite successful, as she's the winner of the second and third "All Stars" season, and made it to the final in the first one. She also has a total of 4 daily "All Stars" wins to go with her 6 daily "The Challenge" wins. All in all, it's fair to call the double winner the most successful "The Challenge: All Stars" contestant in history. Even today, Mannion isn't one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, she's still very much doing what she does best, as the year 2023 has seen her compete in no less than two separate "The Challenge" programs: "The Challenge: World Championship" and "The Challenge: USA." 

Apart from her reality show escapades, Mannion — who's married and has two children, per US Weekly — likes to keep a low profile. " I basically live under a rock," she said in a 2023 interview with Parade

Mannion's 10 seasons of The Challenge have had their highs and lows

Jonna Mannion started her reality show career in 2002 in the Discovery Kids show "Endurance," and entered the MTV arena in "The Real World" Season 22, "The Real World: Cancun." Her first run at "The Challenge" was the first "Rivals" season in 2011, and she has appeared in a total of 10 seasons of "The Challenge" and its spin-off competitions over the years.

While Mannion is clearly "The Challenge" royalty, 2023 hasn't exactly been a banner year for her, even though she participated in two separate versions of the show. Despite starting strong in "The Challenge: World Championship," her team had to bow out of competition in Episode 6 after her partner, Grant Crapp, picked up a game-ending injury during the "Rocketman" challenge. Her time on "The Challenge: USA" was also short-lived, as she was eliminated in episode 2.