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Storage Wars: Jarrod Schulz's Criminal History Explained

Before his run on more than 250 episodes of "Storage Wars," Jarrod Schulz spent some time in prison. Reality show blog Starcasm detailed this period of his life based on both reporting in print magazine Reality Weekly and public government records.

According to this account, Schulz first went to prison in January of 1997 — when he would have been around twenty years old — for possession of methamphetamine. He pled guilty following his arrest and ended a 60-day sentence early on probation. Soon after he was free, however, Schulz was found with drugs once again while driving under the influence. These factors, combined with the fact he was charged with a similar crime so shortly after his first release, led a judge to sentence him to 16 months in prison.

It was during this second stint that Schulz apparently decided to turn his life around, realizing that he might end up like some of the violent offenders with whom he shared the facility if he didn't alter his life's trajectory. So, Schulz ended up finding his way into the world of storage unit bidding and eventually onto "Storage Wars." Also during this time, of course, he met his partner and co-star Brandi Passante — whose relationship with Schulz has since ended. In fact, they didn't depart on the best of terms, and Schulz wound up in trouble with the law one again in the wake of his "Storage Wars" stardom.

Jarrod Schulz was charged with a few different crimes after finishing his Storage Wars run

Jarrod Schulz's time on "Storage Wars" came to an end in 2019, the year after he and Brandi Passante broke up. Between then and now, Schulz was charged with three separate crimes of varying severity.

First, in 2019, Starcasm found out that Schulz faced a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. The blog was unable to uncover any additional information on how the former "Storage Wars" star ended up in that situation, however. Then, in 2021, Schulz and Passante ran into one another at a bar and an ensuing conflict resulted in Schulz allegedly attacking Passante physically. Cops then showed up and charged Schulz with domestic violence. Finally, Starcasm likewise broke the news that Schulz was charged with driving under the influence in October of that same year.

Trials for each of these incidents began in July of 2023 and have yet to conclude, so just what, exactly, will be required of him as a result has yet to be determined.