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Creepshow Scares Up A New Anthology With Zoe Thorogood & More - Exclusive

Skybound Comics "Creepshow," a companion anthology series to the hit Shudder television show from Greg Nicotero ("The Walking Dead") and licenser Cartel Entertainment, is bringing in some exciting talent for the series' next chapter, and Looper has the exclusive details. On behalf of Nicotero's Monster Agency Productions, Brian Witten oversees "Creepshow" Volume 2. Comic creators Zoe Thorogood ("It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth") and Earth), Joel Farrelly ("Tell Me a Story") and Goran Sudžuka ("Ghosted') have all contributed new stories to "Creepshow" #3.

"Creepshow" originally sprung from the minds of legendary horror creators George A. Romero and Stephen King, with the 1982 anthology film serving as a tribute to horror comics from the 1950s, like "Tales from the Crypt." The film was adapted into a graphic novel by legendary comic creator Bernie Wrightson, found life as a television adaptation in the 1980s with "Tales from the Darkside," and has had multiple film sequels. The franchise has most recently been adapted into an anthology series on the horror streaming service Shudder, where Nicotero has produced the new tales hosted by the franchise's iconic character, the Creep. Through its first three seasons, "Creepshow" has adapted multiple stories from the horror world's most notable authors, including King and Joe Hill, with several notable actors, including Giancarlo Esposito, Tobin Bell, and Keith David, appearing in different episodes.

Now, "Creepshow" continues on the page, with Skybound Comics spinning its latest spooky stories while recruiting more incredible creators to the mix — and we've got an exclusive look at what's coming up in "Creepshow" #3.

A first look at Creepshow #3's creators and stories

"Creepshow" #3 features Eisner Award-winning writer-artist Zoe Thorogood telling a new story titled "Eternity, Eternity, Eternity," where a woman discovers the fountain of youth. Despite being a relative newcomer to the comic scene, Thorogood's 2022 meta-autobiography graphic novel, "It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth," earned her three Eisner nominations, including Best Writer/Artist. Thorogood was also nominated for her work on the Image Comics series "Rain" with Joe Hill, which earned her additional nominations for Best Multimedia Artist and Best Cover Artist.

The second story in the upcoming issue is called "Sacrifices" and will focus on a "gem heist gone wrong." Written by Joel Farrelly with art by Goran Sudžuka, the story's horror hook involves a "Lovecraftian twist." Farrelly is best known for the horror book/memoir "Tell Me a Story," while Sudžuka has worked on a number of big comic titles, including "Y: The Last Man," "Batman: Eternal," and "Lady Constantine," among others.

Part of the beauty of the anthology format is that different artists and writers can provide their own unique spin to the world of "Creepshow," and Thorogood, Farrelly, and Sudžuka join a talented cast of creatives who have turned up the scares for the second volume of the series. Garth Ennis ("The Boys"), Becky Cloonan ("Wonder Woman"), Saladin Ahmed ("Miles Morales: Spider-Man"), Joe Quinones ("Batman 89"), Abigail Larson ("Sandman Universe: The Dreaming"), and Dan Watters ("Arkham City") are among the writers and artists who will contribute to or have already contributed to the anthology series.

The horrific covers for Creepshow #3

In addition to the creator and story details, Looper also has the exclusive reveal of the covers for "Creepshow" #3. The main cover comes from artist Guillem March ("Batman") and features the franchise's host, the Creep, playing one of the most horrifying bowling scenes ever drawn.

Zoe Thorogood's variant cover for "Creepshow" #3 features a woman entering the mouth of the ever-horrifying Creep. The endless number of teeth and features of the monstrous host makes for quite an unsettling visual.

As part of a group of connecting covers for different issues of "Creepshow," artist Skinner draws a claustrophobic image featuring tentacle monsters overwhelming the Creep. The cover is a 1:10 incentive variant. Check out the cover below, followed by the official text synopsis for the issue.

First, recent 2023 Eisner Award winner for Most Promising Newcomer Zoe Thorogood tells the story of a woman who discovers the fountain of youth, and the terrifying journey into "Eternity, Eternity, Eternity". Then, nightmarish novelist Joel Farrelly teams up with ghoulish Goran Sudžuka to tell the tale of a gem heist gone wrong with a Lovecraftian twist in "Sacrifices".

"Creepshow" #3 (of 5) from Skybound Comics will be available at comic book shops and online retailers on November 8, 2023. Considering the talent on the issue, it will be a must-pick-up for horror fans.