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Deadpool 3 Rumor: Is Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Getting His Iconic Mask?

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is getting quite the comics-accurate makeover for "Deadpool." Nearly an entire year prior to the release of the movie, some intriguing behind-the-scenes shots of Ryan Reynolds and Jackman with brand-new superhero suits for their respective characters surfaced. The image of Wolverine's new costume broke Twitter, as Jackman was glimpsed in a vivid yellow-and-blue suit very similar to the one that Wolvie frequently dons in the classic "X-Men" comics. That tidbit has already been exciting enough for longtime fans of Jackman's incarnation, but a new rumor suggests that the actor's complete costume for the movie will be going even further in terms of comic accuracy.

According to a tweet from alleged Hollywood insider @CanWeGetToast on Twitter, Jackman's Wolverine will indeed wear the character's iconic mask for the very first time in "Deadpool 3." "I can confirm with ABSOLUTE certainty that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will indeed have a comic-accurate mask with big fins AND white eyes in #Deadpool3," the leaker wrote. While such information hasn't been outright confirmed, it makes sense considering what fans have seen of Jackman's "Deadpool 3" suit thus far, as well as Deadpool's own mask, which is a very literal translation of the character's comic headpiece.

Why did it take so long for Jackman to don Wolverine's mask?

For many fans, the reaction to the rumor that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will have his comic book mask was a triumphant "Finally." Jackman has been portraying the character since "X-Men" in 2000. By the time "Deadpool 3" releases, he'll have been in the role for roughly 24 years. In all that time, the character has never once worn his classic comic book outfit, even though it was once teased in the alternate ending to 2013's "The Wolverine." As it happens, its absence generally isn't by accident.

In a 2020 Twitter post, "The Wolverine" and "Logan" director James Mangold clarified that he never had any intention of outfitting Jackman's Wolverine incarnation with the classic suit or mask, even though they had been teased. "He never put it on," Mangold tweeted. "We never even made a version of the outfit. Everything about his character as I understand it, would keep him from donning a self promoting 'uniform.' I'm sure the next incarnation of the Wolverine will go there."

Nonetheless, Jackman long held the lack of a classic suit for his Wolverine as a regret of his. "There were a couple of things I couldn't work out how to do," he once told Collider. "Fans always say, 'When are we gonna see you in the blue and yellow spandex? We've gotta see that shot!' We tried a little bit in 'The Wolverine,' it didn't happen [...] So the suit was one thing but we just couldn't work out how to do it, so if anyone can work that out you go for it."

It seems with "Deadpool 3," both Jackman and fans got their wish.