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Wolverine's Deadpool 3 Costume Just Broke Twitter - There's Just One Complaint

One of the topics of conversation burning through Twitter at the moment is the reveal of Hugh Jackman's blue and yellow Wolverine costume in the upcoming third "Deadpool" installment. Originally shared by series star Ryan Reynolds on his Instagram story, the image shows the Merc with a Mouth striding next to Logan wearing a suit that looks very similar to his classic look in the original comics, something that many fans want to see in "Deadpool 3."

"IT'S HAPPENING. EVERBODY STAY CALM," tweeted the official @Redbox account. Those on social media seem to be responding mostly positively to Wolverine's more comics-accurate costuming, a sticking point with fans for over 20 years now, ever since he made his live-action debut wearing black leather in Bryan Singer's "X-Men." "This angers me so much. Look how cool he looks!! This just proves that Bryan Singer had absolutely no vision!!" lamented one such fan, @JULEZ_91.

But if most fans seem to be pleased with the emergence of live-action Wolvie's classic colors, there's also a key component of his costume missing from the photo. That would be the distinctive pointed headgear that Wolverine has worn in almost all of his comics incarnations but that has never been seen in any of the live-action movies, provoking decades of debate about how the X-Men should really look.

Fans want to see Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine cowl

"It's great seeing Hugh Jackman finally suited up as Wolverine in the classic X-men suit but it'll be pointless if he doesn't wear the cowl," tweeted @arecesalejandro, mirroring comments made by other "X-Men" fans.

Wolverine's mask, with its tall fins that mirror his double-ax hairdo, is one of the most distinctive in all of comics. But it's not difficult to see why it hasn't been used in any of the character's live-action appearances. As cool as it looks on the page, it's tough to imagine it not looking silly in live action, which has a completely different set of aesthetic values for superhero costumes. However, we seem to be moving in a direction of more comics-accurate costumes with bright colors and fashion flourishes that wouldn't have been an option in a less superhero-saturated environment.

"Deadpool 3" will likely be a multiversal adventure with many different versions of Wolverine and other characters, so it's likely we'll be seeing Jackman in a variety of different Wolverine costumes — including, hopefully, one with his signature mask, even if it's only used for a brief throwaway gag.

Twitter user @yugiohtas even has an idea for one: "There needs to be a running gag of Hugh Jackman Wolverine constantly taking his Wolverine mask off at the start of every scene. Like, to the point that he'll take one off in one shot, and then suddenly he'll be wearing it again in the next shot and he takes it off again, etc."

Superhero masks in movies can be a bit complicated

There's another consideration at work here beyond just the aesthetics of Wolverine's cowl fins in real life versus when portrayed in ink. On the page, it's no problem at all to hide the hero's face behind a mask, and in fact, it is standard practice within the superhero genre. Watch enough live-action superheroes, including Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, though, and you'll see a lot more face time than you usually get in the comic book source material. "Deadpool 3" will presumably continue this, so even if we do end up getting to see Jackman wearing Wolverine's classic cowl, it probably won't be for very long.

Another burning question is whether a photo of Jackman wearing the headgear will make its way online before the scheduled release of "Deadpool 3" on May 3, 2024. If this photo of a maskless Logan is breaking Twitter, one can only assume that a masked-up one would destroy the entire Internet — and ultimately, we would have Deadpool to blame.