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Talk 2 Me Directors, Development Details And More

It's official — a follow-up to "Talk to Me" is on its way. Following its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the new, acclaimed horror movie hit theaters in the U.S. at the end of July. Since then, the film has not only received largely positive reviews from both critics and casual moviegoers alike, but it's also earned the second-highest debut weekend for A24, behind only 2018's "Hereditary." To date, the film has earned over $26 million at the worldwide box office.

While the ending of "Talk to Me" is definitively bleak, the film leaves open the door for more stories set within its ghostly world to be told. With that in mind, it likely won't come as much of a surprise to learn that A24 has summoned a "Talk to Me" sequel. As of this writing, details about the new, in-development film are predictably scarce. That said, not only do fans already know that the sequel will be titled "Talk 2 Me," but several of the movie's creative team members have already been announced as well.

Here's everything that's been confirmed so far about "Talk 2 Me," along with a few predictions about what may lie in store in the horror sequel.

When will Talk 2 Me be released?

No release date has been announced for "Talk 2 Me" yet because it was only just recently confirmed that the sequel is in development. Considering the pace at which the project was announced and how many of its key team members have already been hired, though, it seems safe to assume that those involved in it are going to try and capitalize as much as they can on the momentum provided by "Talk to Me."

Notably, the film's directors, Danny and Michael Philippou, have already revealed that they've not only shot a prequel about a character named Duckett who is featured in the "Talk to Me" prologue, but also come up with potential scenes for a sequel. "While writing the first film, you can't help but write scenes for a second film," Danny Philippou told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Talk 2 Me" may, in other words, be further along in its development than fans think, which means its release could also come sooner rather than later. A24 isn't opposed to quickly releasing follow-ups to its horror titles, either, having dropped both "X" and its prequel, "Pearl," within just a few months of each other in 2022.

What is the plot of Talk 2 Me?

No specific plot details have been released yet for "Talk 2 Me." There are clues featured in its predecessor, however, that could offer some insight into the story that the sequel may tell. Specifically, the unquestionably dark ending of "Talk to Me" suggests that the embalmed hand at the center of the film, which allows its characters to commune with and be possessed by the ghosts of the dead, has ended up in the possession of someone new. Its sequel could, therefore, focus on another group of characters as they struggle, much like the protagonists of "Talk to Me," to grapple with the ramifications of their interactions with the afterlife.

The film could also delve further into the origins of the franchise's powerful embalmed hand, which are only briefly hinted at in "Talk to Me" when two characters offer their explanations for the item's supernatural power. Either way, it's clear that there's still a whole lot about the spooky world of "Talk to Me" that can be explored on-screen.

Who is directing Talk 2 Me?

While few details have been revealed so far about "Talk 2 Me," it has been announced who will direct it. The sequel will be directed, like "Talk to Me," by directors Danny and Michael Philippou, which makes it the duo's second collaboration with A24. It also, notably, cements the Philippou brothers' move away from their YouTube origins. As was widely noted in the lead-up to the release of "Talk to Me," the two filmmakers got their start making horror comedy videos on their YouTube channel, RackaRacka.

"Talk to Me" is the duo's first feature film effort. Thanks to its success, it seems safe to assume that, unless they want to, the Philippou brothers won't have to go back to making YouTube videos anytime soon. As the success of "Talk to Me" and the announcement of its sequel have now proven, they've officially broken into Hollywood. The only question now is whether they'll be able to recapture the success of their feature debut with "Talk 2 Me." Only time will tell.

Who is writing and producing Talk 2 Me?

In addition to its directors, the writers and producers of "Talk 2 Me" have been announced. Like the original "Talk to Me," the new film will be written by one of its directors, Danny Philippou, alongside Bill Hinzman. A24, meanwhile, is set to produce the sequel. That marks a change from how "Talk to Me" was made because A24 wasn't actually involved in the production of that film. Instead, the studio won the rights to distribute and release the movie when it picked it up in January following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

Now, "Talk 2 Me" is shaping up to be the second installment in a new, full-fledged horror franchise for A24, which has also produced writer-director Ti West's "X" trilogy. Whether or not the "Talk to Me" series will be able to continue past its sequel (and already-shot prequel) will likely depend on the success of its future installments. For now, though, movie fans can rejoice in the emergence of not only a new horror franchise but also a writing and directing team that has proven itself capable of making a genuine mark on the genre.

What will Talk 2 Me be rated?

"Talk to Me" was rated R for its "strong/bloody violent content, sexual material, and language throughout." As of now, there's no reason to believe that its sequel won't adopt a similarly mature tone. That would not only keep it in line with its predecessor but also make it a fitting addition to A24's existing horror library, which is comprised of mostly dark, R-rated originals. There's always a chance "Talk 2 Me" will be a bit lighter than its parent film. However, considering how gory and disturbingly bleak the supernatural world established in "Talk to Me" is, it seems more likely than not that its sequel will end up being rated R.

That's assuming, of course, that directors Danny and Michael Philippou don't decide to take their new horror franchise in a totally different direction than viewers think. Right now, the chances of that happening seem slim, but make sure to stay tuned for more updates about "Talk 2 Me."