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A New Snyder Cut May Be On The Way (But It's Not What You Think)

Zack Snyder fans got a pleasant surprise back in 2021 when the legendary Snyder cut, titled "Zack Snyder's Justice League," was finally restored, allowing them to see the film as it was initially meant to be. Though Joss Whedon, the man behind the first two "Avengers" films, had taken over for Snyder midway through production of the original film, fans were not pleased with the results. Thus the Snyder cut was ultimately born from their demands.

Now, it looks like another film from the writer-directors catalog may be gaining a secondary life. "Sucker Punch," a 2011 science fiction fantasy film, is the most maligned movie in Snyder's filmography. However, if the filmmaker has his way, the movie could get a second shot with an eventual director's cut. As Snyder told Letterboxd, he has, in fact, considered doing a director's cut for "Sucker Punch," but has yet to find the time. "I've never gotten around to doing the director's cut. I still plan to at some point," Snyder said.

Zack Snyder reveals the movie's influences and one change

Zack Snyder also mentioned the three films that happened to be the biggest trendsetters with regard to how "Sucker Punch" came to be. "'Brazil' was a big influence on the movie, as well," Snyder told Letterboxd. "I'd say those three movies really – 'Brazil,' 'Frances,' and 'All That Jazz' really were the main influences on the movie."

In terms of "All That Jazz," the DNA of the classic musical is apparent in a deleted scene in which Oscar Isaac and Carla Gugino perform a song and dance number. However, Snyder explained that he initially was going to have more of this kind of thing in "Sucker Punch" and that it even had an impact on the original ending of the film.

"In the original ending, when Babydoll is in the chair in the basement with Blue — she's already been lobotomized — when the cop shines the light on her, the set breaks apart, and she stands up, and she sings a song on stage," Snyder recalled. "That's kind of what the tone was at the end. We tested it, and the studio thought it was too weird, so we changed it."

Still, these more whimsical elements of "Sucker Punch" could still see the light of day if the filmmaker gets around to releasing his director's cut of the movie. However, fans will likely have to wait until after the release of Snyder's upcoming epic space opera, "Rebel Moon," which will be available on Netflix on December 22nd, 2023.