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Deadpool 3 Theory: How Yukio Ties Into Wolverine's Role

Unlike Marvel Studios adaptations, the Fox X-Men universe has always played fast and loose with its interpretations of comic book characters. "Deadpool" is no different, changing Negasonic Teenage Warhead's (Brianna Hildebrand) powers to be more befitting of her mutant name. But "Deadpool 3" may be the opportunity to change that, especially with the character of Yukio.

The version of Yukio introduced in "Deadpool 2" (Shioli Kutsuna) is so far from the character in the comic books that many may have failed to remember that's where she comes from. Featured with electric powers and fulfilling the role of Negasonic's girlfriend, this is a far cry from how she is in the comics. Now that Yukio is confirmed to return in "Deadpool 3," she may get her time to shine and become more familiar to comic readers. 

Unlike the cheerful student at the X-Mansion, the comic version of Yukio is a formidable ninja assassin. Possessing abilities of agility, the character is most connected to Wolverine in his well-regarded adventures in Japan. Their first encounter is adversarial, as criminal Lord Shingen hires her to take him out. But as the comics progress, she ultimately turns into an ally. The two form bonds of trust as she saves Wolverine's paramour, Mariko, many times. Now that the MCU includes variants from other timelines, we could see a version of Wolverine accustomed to a very different Yukio.

Different Wolverines means different Yukios

As wild and outrageous as the Deadpool brand is, the upcoming film could be the chance to right some wrongs. Despite the failings of other Fox productions, such as the strange depiction of Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), it wasn't all bad. "Days of Future Past" was an inspired way of bridging multiple generations of X-Men, and bringing in a Wolverine variant (or many) could be a way to preserve that. Recent set photos have shown Wolverine how he should really look in his classic yellow costume, implying that there will be different versions of the character. This Wolverine could be aware of a comic-accurate Yukio or even give her the respect she deserves from her appearance in "The Wolverine."

Though Rila Fukushima's character isn't exactly how Yukio is portrayed in the comics, "The Wolverine" does honor their dynamic. The 2013 film features a fraternal kinship between the two characters as Logan faces threats like the Yakuza and the Black Clan (presumably the Fox version of The Hand). After bringing Logan to Japan, Yukio does her best to protect him and becomes a bodyguard of sorts for him. The end of the film implies more appearances from the samurai sword-wielding mutant, but we regrettably never see her again. 

Should Wolverine enter the MCU with his different variations, there could be a reality where this Yukio or others could make an appearance. Deadpool's Yukio could remain and still respect the character as she is on the page.