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Hoarders: The Tragic Death Of Glen Brittner From Season 3

The way that Glen Brittner treated his hoard of 2,000 rats said a lot about his character. After the wife of this "Hoarders" Season 3 participant passed away unexpectedly in 1989 from a heart attack, he found friendship and purpose with the ever-growing number of creatures in his home. He fed and cared for his "little buddies," who took over nearly every square inch of the Llano, California, residence.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, it might have been Brittner's kind and trusting nature that ultimately led to his demise in 2015, just a few years after his "Hoarders" episode aired. On the morning of August 18, police were called to Brittner's home, where an assault and robbery took place. Not only did the suspect or suspects inflict a severe head wound on Brittner, who used a wheelchair, but they also tied him up and stole $2,000, among other items. The head injury eventually turned fatal, with Brittner passing away on August 28 at the age of 59 after spending 10 days in a coma. 

Brittner, said authorities, often invited strangers inside for food or a drink, likely to curb the loneliness felt after successfully clearing his hoard of rats (aside from his favorite, Commander Whitehead, whom he held onto as a pet). This time, the entrepreneur and staple of the Llano area may have opened his home to someone with bad intentions.

The death of Glen Brittner remains unsolved

Though the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors offered a reward of $20,000 for information on the murder of Glen Brittner, the case remains unsolved at the time of this writing. In 2018, three years after his death, his son George Brittner and brother Gary Brittner put out another plea for help in identifying the suspects. "I think people should come forward with information to protect themselves and the community from the murderers. Justice is screaming for closure to this evil deed," Gary told The Antelope Valley Times. He added, "How could someone be so cowardly and vile as to attack and beat a nearly 60-year-old crippled man to death?" 

"We desperately need answers and to know why my father was killed," said George.

For Glen's other son, Derek Brittner, the tragic death of his father was especially difficult. At the time of the attack, Derek's wife was pregnant with their second child. Glen boasted a strong bond with his first grandchild but would never get to meet their sibling. During a press conference in 2016, Derek said, "It's unfortunate to all of us that he doesn't get to see our family grow through my brother and my sister, as well."