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The Flash: Reddit Finds A Sneaky Doomsday Cameo In Nicolas Cage's Superman Fight

Contains spoilers for "The Flash"

After years of delays, "The Flash" finally gave Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and his superhero alter ego their own blockbuster movie. That said, while the speedy hero is the star of the show, his big-screen adventure is an ensemble piece that features multiple characters from the DC Universe. "The Flash" is loaded with cameos, some of which are more noticeable than others. For example, while everyone was hung up on Nicolas Cage's Superman fighting a giant spider, they may have missed an appearance from Doomsday.

The Doomsday cameo was discovered by Redditor u/SuperRider108, who spotted the villain during the scenes depicting Cage's Superman's corner of the DC Multiverse. "When the camera pans out from Nic Cage's universe near the end (as Barry's carrying the corpse of the other Barry), you can see him go toe to toe with Doomsday," they wrote. "This is likely a nod to how he was supposed to fight Doomsday in his aborted film."

This theory makes sense as Cage's cameo is essentially a tribute to "Superman Lives," the canceled "Man of Steel" movie that would have pitted the Kryptonian hero against Doomsday. However, Doomsday wasn't the only DC favorite to be spotted by eagle-eyed fans in "The Flash."

Some fans also discovered Eradicator in The Flash

Doomsday is arguably the most notable blink-and-you-will-miss-it cameo in "The Flash." However, one Redditor by the of u/notabotbutathought also caught a glimpse of Eradicator, the mighty Kryptonian antihero who's known for his history with Flash and Superman in the pages of DC Comics and other media.

According to the Redditor, the character is visible toward the bottom of the shot alongside other Easter eggs that DC aficionados might appreciate. "If you notice as well there's also K/Eradicator at the bottom and the resurrection suit/pod right below Nic Cage."

Some fans enjoyed the subtle Easter eggs to DC lore during the sequence in question. That said, some viewers feel that they were the only interesting things about it due to the film's off-putting CGI. "Those small pieces of attention to detail are the only redeeming aspect of this scene imo," u/Mitchbob1012 wrote.