Gen V Trailer Ratchets Up The Gore, Genital Jokes, & Body Count In The Boys Universe

With great success comes the responsibility to create expansive franchises, and Amazon Studio's "The Boys" saga is no different. Based on Garth Ennis' violent and satirical comic book series of the same name, the first three seasons have been popular commodities for the streaming service. As such, the powers that be have produced a spin-off series in the form of "Gen V," which focuses on a younger generation of superpowered beings. 

"Gen V" follows a group of young adult supes as they learn to hone their powers at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. Starring Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and many more, the series will chronicle the college experience of people who boast extraordinary abilities. Sure, they still have fun and make some genital jokes, but they also have to contend with being thrown into deadly battle royals and missions to test their might.

The first trailer for "Gen V" also promises a show that's every bit as twisted as its parent series. Just because this is a YA show doesn't mean that it won't pack the same bloody punch as the mayhem-fueled series that spawned it. With that in mind, let's look at some of the chaos that viewers can look forward to on "Gen V."

Gen V will deliver a gruesome college experience

The "Gen V" trailer opens with a lecturer at Goldolkin University School of Crimefighting giving a rundown of the educational institution's history. She reveals that the school has been teaching the superhero world's best and brightest since 1955, giving them a "safe space" to thrive in and harness their abilities. Of course, the school isn't "safe" by any means, which becomes more evident as the trailer progresses.

The subsequent clips show students being dragged away by guards and security personnel being picked off in gruesome ways befitting of a show set in "The Boys" universe. "There are dangerous and evil people at that school," one of the young heroes states as the scenes of carnage unfold. Cue more moments of extreme bloodletting that indicate peril is in store for our gang of heroes.

It isn't all bad, though. In between the moments of life-threatening danger, the young supes still find time to knock back a few beers and cause people's junk to explode. College is stressful at the best of times, but that doesn't mean people can't make the most of their experience.

"Gen V" will premiere on September 29, 2023.