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How Twitter Reacted To Oppenheimer

World War II movies are a dime a dozen, having populated the cinematic landscape for decades. Taking place everywhere from the front lines to crowded war rooms, these films have thoroughly covered the globe-spanning conflict in numerous different ways. Christopher Nolan is one such director to explore the war through his big-screen work, doing so for the first time via 2017's "Dunkirk." Six years after that war thriller took theaters by storm, the seasoned filmmaker is giving moviegoers a different kind of World War II drama in the form of the highly-anticipated biopic, "Oppenheimer."

As the title implies, "Oppenheimer" puts the focus on one of the masterminds behind the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy). Throughout the film, the esteemed scientist works tirelessly to develop the superweapon that ultimately played a major role in the end of World War II, all while grappling with the ethical issues that stem from creating such a destructive object. This plot, the presentation, the performances, and more resulted in stunned first critic reactions to "Oppenheimer" on social media following its premiere in Paris, France.

At long last, "Oppenheimer" has made its way to theaters for general moviegoers to see for themselves. Those fortunate enough to secure preview night tickets quickly took to Twitter once the credits rolled to share their thoughts on Nolan's latest cinematic experience.

Oppenheimer is receiving glowing endorsements all over Twitter

Given Christopher Nolan's stellar track record as a director up to this point, it should come as no surprise that "Oppenheimer" is already being regarded as yet another must-see theatrical masterclass by many folks on Twitter.

"I'm tellin' y'all OPPENHEIMER is a MUST WATCH it's so awe inspired, with a fabulous cast, great cinematography and the score," @ElhamFirmino wrote in their social media review. @NonGoswami found "Oppenheimer" to be absolutely incredible as well, citing the score and the performances of Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. as some of the film's highlights. Speaking of performances, @RafaSemTattoo gave Benny Safdie credit for his work in front of the camera while simultaneously praising the feature as a whole.

Keeping the positivity going, @reyhane2s referred to "Oppenheimer" as "a masterpiece" that made them feel a range of emotions throughout its runtime. "#Oppenheimer is the movie of the decade. A perfect blend of history, science, tension, and even philosophy. Christopher Nolan, you've done it again," added @kaimcd27. All in all, @ImHypnotiik believes that "Oppenheimer" belongs somewhere in the top two best Nolan-directed films to date. Bearing in mind the competition, that's as strong a compliment as one can give.

Oppenheimer's runtime has proven a hot topic among moviegoers

Still, for as much praise as "Oppenheimer" has received, it has proven somewhat divisive when it comes to one of its key aspects: the runtime.

At three hours long, some moviegoers feel it's easy to get lost in the colossal runtime of "Oppenheimer." "#Oppenheimer was literally a masterpiece. only thing that it's too long," tweeted @TheGamerBeast@iamshreytyagi seemed to agree in their tweet, where they called the movie a "snoozefest" due to its long courtroom scenes and extensive dialogue portions. @zo_epstein also didn't care for the length, but it did little to diminish the things they did like, such as the soundtrack, cast, and story. 

Of course, there are plenty of people who think that "Oppenheimer" manages to avoid feeling like it's as long as it is. @Ayush05191845 posted, "It's 3hrs long but doesn't feel like it at all. This is a must watch," going on to give the movie credit for its surrealism and thought-provoking nature. Despite their general disinterest in movies about war and difficulties sticking with movies that run a bit long, @lucy_vytiskova was very much impressed by the three-hour-long "Oppenheimer." In the eyes of @NifaSD_, it only felt like half the advertised length.

If you're a Christopher Nolan fan, a history buff, or both, with three hours to spare, "Oppenheimer" is now playing exclusively in theaters.