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SAW X First Look Gives Us A Creepy Glimpse Of John Kramer's Return This September

No iconic horror villain stays dead forever. Frightening franchises always find new ways to bring back their Big Bads if they really want to, and the "Saw" saga is no different. John "Jigsaw" Kramer (Tobin Bell) was originally disposed of in "Saw III," but that hasn't stopped him from playing more of his sinister games in subsequent movies. The character is set to return in "Saw X," and the first-look image shows that he's alive and well.

Of course, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for Kramer's presence in "Saw X." The film is a prequel that takes place between the events of "Saw" and "Saw II," back when Kramer was still breathing. This film will see him travel to Mexico to receive treatment for his cancer, only to learn that the operation is a scam that's been set up to exploit vulnerable people. Naturally, the bad news awakens his murderous impulses and mayhem ensues from there.

"Saw X" also promises to be a return to the franchise's roots after the Chris Rock-starring "Spiral" introduced a "Jigsaw" copycat killer to the lore. Furthermore, Tobin Bell isn't the only O.G. who'll be present in the upcoming prequel.

Jigsaw isn't the only villain who's returning for Saw X

Horror franchises tend to ride or die with their villains. Everyone who watches "Friday the 13th" tunes in to see Jason Voorhees cause mayhem with his machete, whether he's stalking the woods or hanging out in outer space. Similarly, "Saw" fans just want to see Kramer set up elaborate traps for his unsuspecting victims. That said, the "Saw" franchise also benefits from having more than one memorable villain, and "Saw X" will bring one of Kramer's prized apprentices back for another brutal hurrah.

Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) will return in "Saw X" to reunite with Kramer and his villainous serial killer alter ego, "Jigsaw." This will mark the character's eighth appearance in a "Saw" flick, and many fans will be happy to see her back in action after being left out of "Jigsaw" and "Spiral." Furthermore, the movie should shed some more light on Kramer's relationship with Young as they've been known to help each other from time to time.

It remains to be seen what "Saw X" has in store for Young and Kramer. However, fans will find out when the movie hacks and slashes its way into theaters on September 29, 2023. Are you ready to play the game all over again?