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Netflix's Masters Of The Universe Movie Has Reportedly Been Scrapped

Not even the power of Grayskull can overcome Netflix's penchant for canceling things.

As reported by Variety on July 18, the streamer's live-action "Masters of the Universe" film is no longer on the table. The project has been in production for some time, with the publication's sources claiming that around $30 million has already been spent on various development costs and to retain the talent that has already signed on to be involved. However, other sources claim that the money spent so far is actually closer to double the aforementioned amount. The budget was reportedly the catalyst for Netflix letting the endeavor go.

Thankfully, for fans of the "Masters of the Universe" franchise, there's still hope that this film could see the light of day. Variety notes that the Adam and Aaron Nee-directed feature is now being shopped around by Mattel in hopes of finding a new buyer. The company is also hopeful that the upcoming "Barbie" will find success, thus helping the chances of "Masters of the Universe" finding a home. Should the film become a reality, Kyle Allen will take up the Sword of Power to become the legendary hero known as He-Man.

One can only hope that "Masters of the Universe" finds a home soon. As far as live-action adaptations go, it will be hard to keep coasting on the disastrous original.

If it gets picked up, hopefully Masters of the Universe surpasses its 1987 predecessor

Back in the 1980s, "Masters of the Universe" was thriving on all fronts. The cartoon was a small-screen success, and the toy line attached to it was selling just fine, so what did Mattel do next? It set out to bring He-Man, Skeletor, and the rest of the Eternia gang to the movies. The decision was made to try it out in live-action, with Dolph Lundgren set to portray He-Man in his first theatrical outing. Naturally, Hollywood did as Hollywood does and took some liberties with the source material — a move that proved foolish in short order.

Though it certainly had its fans then and has expanded its fanbase over the years due to its campy nature and Frank Langella's scene-stealing Skeletor performance, director Gary Goddard's "Masters of the Universe" proved to be an unmitigated disaster. The decision to try some new things aesthetically and narratively didn't sit well with most moviegoers or critics, and that disinterest became especially apparent at the box office. By the time it left theaters, it only took in around $17.3 million (via Box Office Mojo), thus failing to even make back its budget.

Should the "Masters of the Universe" reboot that formerly called Netflix home see the light of day, hopefully, it will fare much better than its 1987 predecessor.