Ghost Adventures: The Coolest Places You Can Visit Yourself - If You Dare!

Many places seen on "Ghost Adventures" have long, dark histories that are fascinating to investigators and viewers alike. According to investigator Jay Wasley in an interview with TV Insider, some locations don't embrace this and try to hide any spooky happenings from the public eye. On the other hand, others stay in business and become hot tourist attractions for those looking to experience the supernatural. "I like to see these businesses and locations embrace and keep history alive," said Wasley.

A prime example of the latter is the Commercial Casino and Hotel, located in Elko, Nevada. Rather than shield the public from the spirits that lurk within the halls, it invites guests in each fall for a haunted house and Halloween theme park experience. The Commercial also offers ghost tours and an escape room. Additionally, in the summertime, the outdoor space is transformed into a non-scary family-fun center, featuring waterslides, splatter paint rooms, and more.

And in 2022, a Facebook comment from the Commercial hinted that, in the future, it might be something more once again: "We would love to find the right thing for the COMMERCIAL but we have no plans to tear it down. I feel the Haunted House is going to allow us to do some things to the building which will get it back open. Probably not as a large casino again but putting some ideas together."

Ghost lovers can view the outside of the Cecil Hotel

Another spot that "Ghost Adventures" fans can visit themselves is the Cecil Hotel, located in downtown Los Angeles, California. The inspiration behind Hotel Cortez on "American Horror Story," this building is jam-packed with bad energy. Over the years, there have been numerous deaths on the premises, including the 2013 death of Elisa Lam, who was found in the water tanks after security video captured her acting strangely in an elevator.

At the time of this writing, it's impossible to book a room at the Cecil, now dubbed Stay On Main, which isn't bringing in the masses with fun escape rooms and theme parks. That's because a portion of the building is being used for low-income housing. However, paranormal lovers can still view the outside and, possibly, snag a glimpse of the lobby.

For those not brave enough to be in the vicinity of this eerie building, TikToker Peet Montzingo chronicles life from his apartment that's directly across the street and sometimes sends a drone across to explore the premises.