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Ghost Adventures: How Physical Torture Exposed The Team To Paranormal Influence

Many of the paranormal investigations seen on "Ghost Adventures" aren't too physically demanding. While Zak Bagans and his crew sometimes feel sick or weird due to a spirit's energy, exploring indoor spots like Bobby Mackey's Music World and the Cecil Hotel isn't exactly a cardio workout.

But sometimes, the guys head outdoors to spots like Lake Mead, which require them to navigate some pretty rough terrain. Jay Wasley told TV Insider that the investigation involved a two-hour ATV ride and a record-breaking number of steps to get where they needed to be, all in cold weather. However, according to Wasley, this physical exhaustion was beneficial to their ghost-hunting efforts.

"The physical stress we put on ourselves, we were definitely pushed with this investigation. I think in a weird way that helps with the paranormal experiences as well because our bodies and minds were already stressed getting there," he said. "Our guard is down. We're fragile and open to whatever is going to be there, which adds another terrifying element."

It takes more than physical exhaustion to find ghosts

Investigations that require such physical stress are few and far between on "Ghost Adventures." So, when the team is exploring a hotel, prison, or residential home, how do they open themselves up to whatever's present?

According to Billy Tolley in an interview with SYFY WIRE, it's all about having an open mindset regarding the paranormal. He said, "I think a lot of it has to do with intention, personally. If you're a closed-minded individual and you say, 'Ghosts do not exist,' they won't exist to you. You'll find every single reason why they don't, no matter what experience comes your way."

For the "Ghost Adventures" crew, it's also helpful to step away from their work when they're not filming so that, upon visiting the next haunted spot, their minds are recharged and ready for what's to come. Tolley achieves this by spending time with loved ones, while his colleague Aaron Goodwin is a frequent guest at Disneyland and, naturally, the Haunted Mansion.