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One Piece: What Devil Fruit Would Nami Have & Which Villain Already Ate It?

With Netflix's "One Piece," Eiichiro Oda's legendary manga will reach an entirely new audience, introducing them to the beloved Straw Hat Pirates, Devil Fruit powers, and the waters of the Grand Line. With a robust source material behind it, there's plenty for newcomers to learn about the world of "One Piece," but even longtime fans may not know some things, like which Devil Fruits the Straw Hats' non-powered crewmates would wield. 

In Volume 98 of "One Piece," Oda ended the collection with a fun fan Q&A, revealing that if Nami had eaten a Devil Fruit, the Straw Hat navigator would've eaten the Rumble Rumble Fruit. Such a development would make Nami one of the strongest Devil Fruit users in "One Piece," giving her the powers of lightning. In Oda's words, this would turn Nami into, "A true weather lady." He emphasized that she was now capable of overpowering any other characters, with the one noted exception of Luffy.

Strength aside, the Rumble Rumble Fruit would be the perfect Devil Fruit for Nami to eat. As the crew's navigator, Nami is already well-versed in meteorology, using it to plot the best course for the pirates as they sail the Grand Line. She also wields the Clima-Tact, a weapon that allows her to simulate different weather patterns, including Thunderbolt Tempo, which gives her controlled bursts of lightning. The Rumble Rumble Fruit would elevate Nami to one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, giving her abilities rivaling that of a villain that pushed Luffy to his limits.

Enel showcased the power of the Rumble Rumble Fruit

While the lightning powers of the Rumble Rumble Fruit would be a perfect fit for Nami, the Devil Fruit already resides in the belly of one of the show's earliest yet most-formidable villains: Enel.

First appearing in the "Skypiea Arc," Enel served as the main antagonist for the entire "Sky Island Saga", using his lightning powers to usurp power and become the tyrannical leader of Skypiea. Because of his immense strength, he dubbed himself the god of the sky island, with the Devil Fruit giving him the ability to create, control, and turn himself into lightning. The powers made Enel nearly invincible and able to move at the speed of lightning. And if it weren't for a certain rubber-powered pirate, he would've achieved his goal of reaching the Moon and killing thousands on his way. Enel's lightning powers were a massive test for Luffy early on in "One Piece." Not only could he restart his own heart with the electricity in his body, but paired with the amplification from his ship, he could use lightning to strike down an island, destroying it from the face of the Earth.

Don't get us wrong, Nami is a core member of the Straw Hat Pirates and carries more than her own weight within the crew, despite not having Devil Fruit powers. However, if she had the Rumble Rumble Fruit, giving her the lightning powers of Enel, it would make Nami one of the most feared women on the Grand Line, giving the Straw Hats yet another powerhouse rivaling the strength of Luffy. The crew also would've accumulated millions of berries worth of bounties much sooner, painting an even larger target on their back.