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Clueless: Is Cher's House Real?

When movie lovers talk about the best movies released in the 1990s, Amy Heckerling's heartfelt and riotously funny teen comedy "Clueless" is a movie that tends to get overlooked. And yet, one could easily argue that few films from the era so succinctly captured the cultural zeitgeist of the "MTV Generation." That fact is all the more surprising given that the film is centered almost entirely on a crew of well-to-do kids who call Beverly Hills home. Despite the setting, Heckerling really does find a way to make their experiences feel universal. even as their socioeconomic circumstances are far from it.

At the center of the fray is one Cher Horowitz (era icon Alicia Silverstone), a kind-hearted social queen at the fictional Bronson Alcott High who fancies herself a bit of a romantic match-maker. With Cher taking center stage throughout much of the action, her opulent Beverly Hills mansion is understandably a regular fixture as well. And if you've seen Cher's crib in "Clueless," you know "opulent" doesn't quite convey how absurdly luxurious the place is. 

As it turns out, very little Hollywood magic went into bringing Cher's home to life in the film, as Heckerling and company shot those scenes at a real location. But it's safe to assume "Clueless" diehards might be seriously disappointed to learn that the house is not actually located in Beverly Hills. 

Cher's house is real, but you probably can't afford to call it your own

In fact, to even get to Beverly Hills from her "Clueless" abode, Cher Horowitz would've needed to spend the better part of an hour on the dreaded freeway, as the house is located in Encino. To be fair, the Encino neighborhood is still pretty fabulous, with the Horowitz residence standing out as a palatial jewel. Still, one has to imagine Cher and her haughty pals would be quick to offer a hearty, "As if," at the idea of living deep in the sun-baked San Fernando Valley.

Boasting a certain classic Hollywood appeal, the home's now inactive Zillow listing values the property at about $6.7 million. Per that same listing (which for some reason pictures the wrong address), the Horowitz house may be even more lavish than previously perceived, with Zillow claiming the home contains 7 bedrooms, and 10 full bathrooms spread over 9,441 square feet.

Unfortunately, the home is also protected by a sizable stone wall and gate. On top of that, the property appears to be set off the road, as shown in the pics of a lengthy driveway. So any "Clueless" fans looking to pop by and gawk at Cher's place from the street clearly won't have much of a view. But if you want to stop by anyway, the address is 5148 Louise, Ave, Encino, CA 91316.