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Bluey Season 2, Episode 13: Why 'Dad Baby' Was Banned For Being Too Explicit

The Disney+ animated kids program "Bluey" is certainly not known for controversial or sophisticated content. It follows the adventures of an exuberant blue heeler puppy and her canine friends and mostly features positive messaging about the value of a supportive and open-minded network of friends and family. "Bluey" is set in Australia and produced jointly by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC. It premiered on Disney Junior in 2019 and appeared on Disney+ the following year. Despite its gentle pedigree and family-oriented content, one episode ran afoul of censors and has never been made available on either Disney Junior or DIsney+.

In Season 2, Episode 13, "Dad Baby," Bluey's father, Bandit, simulates giving birth to Bluey's younger sister, Bingo. While the episode maintains the show's typical silly tone, it apparently veers too close to sex education territory for Disney to allow it to be distributed on platforms aimed at young children. While Disney has not made any public statement about why the episode was never distributed on its own networks, "Dad Baby" is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+ and Vudu.

Redditors had plenty to say about Dad Baby

There has been plenty of lively discussion on the r/bluey subreddit about the "Dad Baby" episode, with many fans expressing disappointment at Disney's decision not to distribute the episode. In one thread, u/MidnightLouie12515 wrote, "I found 'Dad Baby' on YouTube and thought it was hilarious. My wife and SIL also found it quite funny. It's honestly one of my favorite episodes." They then asked other viewers why they thought the episode was pulled. 

u/CrimsonBoognish speculated that Disney didn't want to be responsible for conversations about the birds and the bees. They wrote, "Presumably, it's because they likely feel that it reveals too much about pregnancy and birth to children that would raise too many supposedly uncomfortable questions for parents."

u/like_a_dish blamed an extreme religious faction of the United States, writing, "The evangelical lobby is a very strong part of Disney's fanbase. They would lose their collective minds if kids had any indication of where babies came from."

u/SofaTurnip had a more concise and less nuanced take, writing simply, "Disney is a bunch of bummers is why."