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The Steamy Indie Drama Starring Tia Carrere You Can Stream On Showtime

Tia Carrere wants you to get friendly with your neighbors. Really friendly. The actor, whose talent can be found far and wide in projects like "Lilo & Stitch," "Blue Bloods," "True Lies," and "Saints Row," lent her time and energy to "Palm Swings," a 2017 indie drama about the potential stressors of partner switching. In the film, Carrere portrays Ms. Cherry Bomb, the eager host of a swingers' resort, and interested fans can find her work, as well as "Palm Swings," on Showtime.

For those who don't know, Showtime was once its own streaming site but is now part of Paramount+ and Hulu. To access Showtime, viewers must possess either a Paramount+ With Showtime subscription ($11.99 per month) or a Hulu subscription with the Showtime Add-On ($10.99 per month). It's worth mentioning that the Showtime Add-on for Hulu is a separate charge from the actual Hulu subscription (which is a baseline of $7.99 per month), so the cheaper option is going to be Paramount+ With Showtime.

Aside from Carrere, the film features Jason Lewis ("Sex and the City"), Sugar Lyn Beard ("Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"), Jackson Davis ("Before the Fire"), and Diane Farr ("Numb3rs"). Curious parties should also note that, as the film's central premise revolves around sexual exploration, "Palm Swings" is definitively NSFW, so much so that isn't even rated "R" but rather "Unrated" for the sheer volume of nude and otherwise intimate sequences.

Palm Swings apparently struggles to balance drama and sex

In brief, the plot of "Palm Swings" follows a young married couple (Sugar Lyn Beard and Jackson Davis) after they move to Palm Springs. Through their new neighbors (Diane Farr and Chaka Foreman), who are openly swingers, they discover a potential lifestyle that they choose to explore within their own relationship. But tensions rise when the pair realize the importance of communication and boundaries, and the dangers of getting emotionally involved with extra-marital partners.

"Palm Swings" was universally pannedby critics (the precious few who even chose to review it, that is) and audiences alike, with the general impression being that the film wasn't visually stimulating enough to justify the premise, nor was it emotionally substantiative enough to validate its status as a drama. Functionally, it seems as though most viewers found the film to be a bland soft porno. The film touts an approximate runtime of 90 minutes and, again, is highly NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised. 

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