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Insidious 5's Lin Shaye Has Further Franchise Ideas For Herself Beyond The Red Door

Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye), often seen as the foreperson of The Further, may be down, but as demonstrated by all installments following "Insidious," she is definitely not out of the eerie, smoke-filled franchise. "Insidious: The Red Door" sees her taking another swing at supernatural forces that continue to linger with the Lambert family. The film also sees Patrick Wilson facing his own fears and handling directing duties, as well as playing the head of the Lambert household, Josh. Returning for "The Red Door," the fifth chapter in the "Insidious" timeline sees Josh and his previously haunted son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), share some bonding time in an effort to rid themselves of this longtime horror for good.

Although it may seem like this could be an attempt to finally conclude the longstanding scare fest, Lin Shaye is confident there are still more adventures to be had with Elise, even if the character herself is no longer among the living. Speaking to Digital Spy, Shaye admitted, "I think for Elise, there's more to do." Well, it's certainly a plausible avenue for a horror franchise that's raked in just over half a billion dollars. It's a spine-tingling series that has continuously adapted to captivate its audience, which is something Shaye thinks her character will have no problem doing, given the demonic domain she's spent so much time in.

Lin Shaye sees a transformative future for Elise in the world of Insidious

While there's no definitive confirmation about plans to revisit The Further in the future, Lin Shaye appears to have a clear vision for how Elise's story could continue. "I have a great idea," the horror icon told the site. "The fact that she is in the Further, and I have this one thought that I haven't even talked about really to anybody, but that she's able to transform. She has transformational qualities that we don't know about, and that could open up a whole new set of characters for her and for a storyline."

It's certainly not beyond the realms of impossibility. Elise has been an important part of the franchise, even after being taken from the land of the living in the film's first chapter, and it's clear that Shaye has a strong fondness for the guardian angel of the Lamberts. "I love the character, and so does the audience, which is even more important, so I don't think we're done with her at all. Once you're in the Further, you can do anything." Who knows? There may still be ample opportunity to tiptoe through the tulips further down the line, after all.