Who Did Alison Brie Play On Mad Men And How Did Her Story End?

Most actors would be lucky to land a role on just one popular TV show. Alison Brie has starred in multiple. Over the course of her career, Brie has slowly but surely amassed an impressive number of credits in a wide array of acclaimed films and TV series. Indeed, while she's probably best known among TV viewers for her lead roles on comedies like "GLOW" and "Community," those titles represent just the tip of the iceberg that is her career. Case in point: Two years before she made her debut as Annie Edison on "Community" in 2009, Brie appeared as Trudy Campbell on the hit AMC drama, "Mad Men."

Brie continued to play Trudy throughout all seven seasons of "Mad Men," showing up sporadically on the series even in the face of her own increasing fame. One of the show's more noteworthy supporting figures, Brie's Trudy is initially introduced as the unsuspecting, somewhat naive fiancée of the overly ambitious, often conniving Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). However, the further into its run "Mad Men" gets, the clearer it becomes that Trudy is far more perceptive and tactful than she lets on.

That means Trudy's patience for Pete's philandering ways inevitably runs out. The series' later seasons see their marriage gradually disintegrate until they're all but legally separated. Just when it looks like "Mad Men" will end with Pete and Trudy's relationship dead and done, though, the series finds a way to bring them back together.

Trudy and Pete give their marriage another shot at the end of Mad Men

Pete and Trudy Campbell are separated for the majority of "Mad Men" Season 7. Their relationship starts to mend, however, once Pete's own insecurities about Trudy one day moving on from him begin to show. After his fling with Bonnie Whiteside (Jessy Schram) comes to an anti-climactic end, Pete even briefly reconnects with Trudy over some of their shared regrets. That said, it's not until the second-to-last installment of "Mad Men" that Pete and Trudy finally get back together.

The episode sees Pete get a surprise offer to work for Learjet. The job comes to him even in spite of his resistance to it, and its many benefits prompt him to show up unannounced at Trudy's house and ask her to not only get back together with him but also relocate to the Midwest. After initially hesitating, Trudy accepts. The "Mad Men" finale subsequently shows Pete, Trudy, and their daughter boarding a private jet and setting out for a new life together.

Like the fates that ultimately befell most of the characters on "Mad Men," the conclusion of Pete and Trudy's story is a surprisingly optimistic one. In a May 2015 interview with Vulture, Alison Brie expressed her joy over seeing Trudy and Pete get back together, too. "I was very excited. I feel like there've been some mixed reactions. Some people are like, 'Yay, I'm so glad for Pete and Trudy!' and other people are like, 'Noooo, Trudy, don't do it!' But I'm happy to see them together," Brie explained.

The actor added, "I like to think that Trudy always gets what she wants, and when she wanted Pete out of the house, she got it. But ultimately she wants a happy ending, and she got it."