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Mad Men: How Many Seasons Are There (And Where To Watch Them)

In the annals of 20th Century television, few shows claim quite as unimpeachable a reputation as AMC's "Mad Men." The period drama made a rather low-key debut in the summer of 2007. But by the time the series' first season wrapped its 13-episode run, cast, crew, and creator Matthew Weiner were the toast of the TV realm. They were also well on the way to delivering arguably one of the best television programs to ever hit the airwaves.

The series, of course, fronted Jon Hamm as enigmatic advertising guru Don Draper, charting his journeys in the Madison Avenue ad scene of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s while also exploring the ever-shifting cultural landscape of America. During its celebrated run, "Mad Men" made stars of Hamm and the entire all-star ensemble, including Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, and Christina Hendricks, among others. If you didn't follow along on Don's "Mad Men" journey during the series' original run, it's spread over seven full seasons, and comprised of 92 episodes — about 45 minutes apiece.

That means if you're looking to catch up with a full series binge of "Mad Men," you're gonna need to make quite a lengthy time commitment. The good news is that if you are down to give that much time of your life to a television series, you can indeed do so in the streaming realm these days. And Prime Video subscribers can actually now binge every season of "Mad Men" on the platform through Freevee.

There are a couple of online options for folks looking to embark on a Mad Men binge

Unfortunately, taking the Freevee route means your "Mad Men" binge will be interrupted on the regular by commercials — which would seem fitting if it weren't also a little bit frustrating. If you're looking to dive into the tumultuous world of Don Draper and company for a full series binge sans commercial interruption, you'll need to sign up for AMC+ which, for the last couple of years, has served as the commercial-free streaming home of "Mad Men" and various other AMC Original productions.

You should know, however, that if you choose to binge all 92 episodes of "Mad Men" ad-free on AMC+, you'll need to sign up for a monthly subscription to do so. That'll run you about $8.99 per month — though if you're capable of banging through all seven seasons in the space of one week, AMC+ is currently fronting seven days for free upon sign-up. 

If you're less than enthusiastic about bringing yet another streaming platform into your life, you can absolutely get your "Mad Men" binge on by renting or buying episodes or full seasons piecemeal through video-on-demand platforms. Per Just Watch, that includes iTunes, Vudu, Red Box, and more, with episodes available as cheap as $1.99 per, and full seasons going for about $9.99.

If you're looking for a bang for your buck sort of option, you can also just buy the whole series from iTunes for $34.99. And if you're not into digital copies of "Mad Men," you can likely find physical ones for a whole lot less these days.