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Secret Invasion: Cobie Smulders' Reaction To Learning Maria Hill's Fate Was Fury-Ous

"Secret Invasion" is only two episodes into its six-episode run, and characters are already dropping like flies. Episode 1 killed Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) after revealing he was a Skrull, only for Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) to meet her end by the time credits rolled. While some think that "Secret Invasion" made a huge mistake with the character deaths, it set the tone for the show going forward, and Smulders recognizes that, despite having her tenure as Hill come to an end.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly following her character's death, Smulders revealed that she knew Hill wasn't long for the world when Marvel Studios approached her for "Secret Invasion," explaining that her death was necessary for Nick Fury's (Samuel L. Jackson) story to move forward. "I understood the level of tension and emotion that we were going to get to see from Fury," Smulders said. "I think that's what the series is about, getting to know and understand this character that people have been so intrigued by for so long. Hill's passing certainly lends itself to his emotions going forward and, really, the way that he makes his decisions because he is so upset."

While Smulders is sad to see Hill go, the actress, just like her MCU counterpart, was willing to take the hit for Fury, the focal point of "Secret Invasion." The Disney+ series is a Nick Fury story, with Hill's death adding to his already immense guilt.

Smulders won't close the door on her MCU future

Although Cobie Smulders understands that Maria Hill had to die for Nick Fury's story to continue, she isn't writing off future appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially since the multiverse is at play during the Multiverse Saga.

"I mean, I do not make those decisions," the actress told Entertainment Weekly when asked if "Secret Invasion" will be her final MCU appearance. "I'm still working on [Disney Channel's] 'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' animated show – I literally recorded some episodes today. So I have no idea how or when she's going to come back around to me, but I'm always welcoming the call." Thankfully, Smulders is grateful for the last decade she's spent playing Hill, adding that anything is possible through the multiverse.

Smulders also put on a Marvel secrecy masterclass during the interview. When asked if Hill would appear in later "Secret Invasion" episodes through flashbacks or Skrull shapeshifting shenanigans, she answered, "What a great question. I'm not going to answer it." Given how much Hill's death will weigh on Fury, she seems like the perfect candidate for a villain like Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) to mimic to get under the superspy's skin. Outside of "Secret Invasion," Hill's return seems unlikely, but anything's possible with the multiverse at play.