Is The Dial Of Destiny Indiana Jones' Most Powerful Relic Yet?

Contains spoilers for "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny"

When it comes to the findings of Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), his discoveries don't so much belong in a museum, but rather stored away by top men ("Top. Men."). It's strange then that after all these years, what might be the most powerful trinket he's ever got his hands on ends up being a paperweight on his kitchen table. In "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," the daring explorer comes into possession of the Antikythera, which has the ability to determine actual fissures in time, allowing those that possess it to pop in and out of history should they find one. Handy, right?

However, when you weigh Jones' new find up against his earlier discoveries, it's worth asking just which one comes out on top as the item worth keeping. From the face-crumbling container of The Ten Commandments to the crystal head that holds all of Wikipedia and then some, just what is the most powerful relic the world's bravest explorer has come across over the years, and which one is worth storing in case of emergencies? Well, when you line them all up, the Antikythera might actually be the one that comes out on top time and time again. In fact, if Indy really wanted to, he could use it to collect the whole aforementioned set from his archaeological findings.

Time waits for no one unless you have an Antikythera

The other notable finds from Dr. Jones' past exploits have their perks if you want to watch someone's head melt like candle wax or age like lettuce in a broken fridge, but none compare to being able to travel through time itself. As clearly shown in the finale for "The Dial of Destiny," Indy and Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) manage to return to their time with some pristine artifacts from the time of Archimedes, which, let's face it, makes their life and occupation a heck of a lot easier. Indy could even return to his notable discoveries and keep them out of the enemy's hands well in advance if he chose to.

As for the other historical heirlooms, in comparison to the Ark of the Covenant, they don't hold a terrifying god-like power for anyone that looks at its contents. While it might not grant immortality like the Holy Grail, it feels like the Antikythera provides a better option to revisit moments in time than outliving it and those you love entirely. There's also the added perk of having the upper hand over anyone encountered during these trips, as opposed to super-intelligent beings from "the space between spaces" that you'd likely meet when it comes to the Crystal Skull of Akator. 

In the grand scheme of things, Indy's greatest find might have been the last one he discovered. Plus, it would look just lovely on the mantelpiece, right?