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Here's Where You Can Stream Call Me Kat Online

The Kat's out of the bag — Fox's fresh sitcom "Call Me Kat" has been canceled after three seasons. The series, which stars "Jeopardy!" host and "The Big Bang Theory" alum Mayim Bialik as its titular lead, ran for just over two years, but it nonetheless managed to put out 53 episodes in that time and garnered its very own devoted following.

With news of cancellation coming just one day after the finale episode of "Call Me Kat" Season 3 aired, it means that the show has completely wrapped up its run and no additional episodes are on the horizon. That may be a bummer for fans who wanted to see more of Kat's antics, but the show finishing up also means that it can now be watched the entire way through, from start to finish. Thankfully, "Call Me Kat" is readily available online, with each of its three seasons available through certain streaming services. However, fans may have to mix and match their platform of choice in order to stream the entire show.

Call Me Kat is available on a few different services

While the majority of "Call Me Kat" is available to stream on Max, the service doesn't actually have the full series. Only Seasons 1 and 2 of the show are currently watchable on the platform, leaving audiences to look elsewhere if they want to finish up their watch-through with Season 3. Interestingly enough, Season 3 is available to stream by itself with a basic subscription to Hulu, though this service lacks the first two seasons. Putting everything together, the entirety of "Call Me Kat" can be watched through streaming services if a viewer has access to both a Max and a Hulu account.

Nonetheless, there are also other ways to go about streaming "Call Me Kat" online. Fans can watch a time-limited number of episodes from Season 3, including the one in which Ken Jennings makes his "Call Me Kat" debut, on the Fox Now website. Entering one's cable provider information on the site will unlock the entire season for on-demand viewing. All three seasons of the series can also be individually bought on digital storefronts like the iTunes store, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, and the Google Play store.