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The Spawn Movie Reboot's 'Active Development' Update Isn't As Great As It Sounds

It's been a long hard road for fans of Todd McFarlane's "Spawn." Not only was the well-received animated adaptation from HBO canceled after three seasons, but the live-action adaptation from 1997 failed to live up to the high watermark of the Image Comic series that inspired it.

Still, creator Todd McFarlane has remained resolute in keeping the franchise alive. New issues of the comic continue to be published over three decades after the character debuted, and McFarlane has been firing up fan hype for another take on live-action "Spawn" since 2015. However, following a recent conversation between the "Spawn" creator, Jason Blum of Blumhouse Pictures, and ComicBook, we have more details on when we can expect a new movie based on McFarlane's characters and world.

On the other hand, though, even if Blum is predicting a possible 2025 release window for the new movie, there are plenty of factors standing in the way of that assessment. Firstly, the WGA writer's strike is ongoing at the moment and could continue for several months before a resolution is found, meaning the writers for the new "Spawn" movie likely won't even begin penning a first draft for a while yet. Furthermore, it's also worth noting how long it has taken to even get to this announcement.

That Spawn movie could still be a long ways off at this point

As noted above, the wheels first began turning for a new "Spawn" movie back in 2015 during a Reddit AMA with Todd McFarlane. This was followed by updates in 2016 and 2017, respectively, which announced that McFarlane himself would be directing and that the movie would be produced by Blumhouse Productions. Even still, nothing concrete has yet to materialize about the production since McFarlane first fired up fan speculation nearly a decade ago.

As of now, McFarlane is still supposed to direct, and Jamie Foxx, who has been attached to the project for years, is still meant to star as Al Simmons/Spawn. "I would say you have a lot to hope for because it's in very, very active development," Blum told ComicBook. "What needs to happen is that my fellow friends, the writers, and the studios need to figure out their differences and get back to writing.

"But we've got a great group of folks putting it together, and my hope is that [the] movie — my prediction is maybe we'll actually see a Spawn movie in '25. No promises, but that's my prediction," Blum concluded. With no start to production in sight, it remains a very tentative hope that the "Spawn" movie will actually get released in 2025 as expected, but fans can still cross their fingers that Blum's predictions will bear fruit.