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Outer Banks Season 3: How To Visit Everywhere The Pogues Went

As its title suggests, Netflix's "Outer Banks" takes place in the scenic beach community of North Carolina, though it was actually filmed in South Carolina in the Charleston area. In the OBX, war is waged between the working-class Pogues and the haughty Kooks, though it quickly extends beyond the parameters of the Eastern shores. Season 2 takes John B. (Chase Stokes) and the gang to the Bahamas, with Barbados acting as a location stand-in.

At the end of Season 2, the Pogues board the Camerons' cargo ship that's en route to Guadalupe and end up marooned on an island they dub Poguelandia. The third season is dicey for the Pogues, but for fans watching along at home, there are plenty of tropical locales worth drooling over.

Season 3 opens with a bang thanks to a fiery plane crash. Kiara's (Madison Bailey) ensuing capture is devastating, but the surrounding beauty is undeniable. To film the watery crash, the "Outer Banks" crew returned to Barbados, specifically the Port St. Charles luxury marina near Speightstown. Much of the Pogues' Season 3 adventures take place in Barbados, making "Outer Banks" the perfect binge to vicariously satisfy your wanderlust.

The Pogues' tropical adventures were filmed in Barbados

Season 3 of "Outer Banks" is full of luxury estates and historical sites filmed at an array of real-life locations, with the Pogues spending much of their time in the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. 

For a taste of how the villains live, fans can seek out Cattlewash Beach on Barbados' eastern coast, which was used as a backdrop for the Camerons' Guadalupe home.

Carlos Singh's (Andy McQueen) estate, meanwhile, was filmed at the sprawling Lion Estate Castle in St. Thomas, Barbados, and contains a historic plantation house and multiple apartments. To check out Big John's (Charles Halford) more humble bell tower digs, fans can visit St. John Parish Church in St. John. Reconstructed in 1836, the original structure was built around 1645.

"Outer Banks" Season 3 isn't all exotic international locations, and part of the season takes place stateside, where it was once again filmed in South Carolina. John B. and Big John do some snooping at The Charleston Museum. To relive the JJ and Kiara romance at Kitty Hawk Adventure Therapy, the real-life location — the St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center — is on Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

For fans eager to reenact Season 3's climactic finish in the jungles of South America, you might be disappointed; the scenes were filmed once again in Barbados at the Welchman Hall Gully. There, visitors can explore caves and check out local flora and fauna. Just be sure to look out for poison tree sap and mischievous monkeys, lest you face the jungle's wrath like Chase Stokes.